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Xi kroiSam Li

Xi kroiSam Li is a 21-year young film director currently based in New York City. Growing up in Manchester, UK, his obsession with movies began when his grandfather took him to see "12 Angry Men". At the age of seven, his grandfather said to him before he passed away, "Do not ever give up something or someone who can make you feel more strange than life already is." For Li, cinema is this conduit for showing the stories of others that need to be felt in order for there to be small inspirational changes in the world. Movie magic, by definition, is forever lasting.

{loadposition inpage}When did you shoot these photos?
Throughout 2012 

What are the photos for? Are they part of a personal project or for a Job?
Personal Project

Can you tell us the story behind the shoot in a paragraph or two?
These photographs were taken with strangers, who have since become some of my closest friends. I always say in the beginning, "The plan is that there is no plan". Sometimes I would deliberately get us lost. I’m not interested in taking photographs of anyone posing or pretending to be somebody else. It’s about discovering the other; a celebration of their worst and their best but it is always with love. So in those next four hours that I meet them, I have to figure out why they are the most interesting person in my life. That’s my curiosity as a photographer and a human being. 

What cameras did you shoot with?
Canon EOS 5D Mk II

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