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Need some help capturing that perfect photo? Here are some informative articles from Digital Photo Pro to assist you.

Professionals Who Take It To The Edge:

Peter Langone – Doing It All: For more than two decades, using bright, vivid imagery, commercial photographer Peter Langone has forged a multitalented, multi-avenue career built on an unrestrained tenacity to follow his own dreams.

August Bradley – The Stylish Storyteller: Steering clear of photographic formulas and even simple rules of thumb, August Bradley embraces any method that gets his ideas.

Bob Krist – The Kerala Project: Exotic travel on spec takes planning and ingenuity. Bob Krist’s recent journey through Kerala, India, yielded a bounty of images that will sell as stock and help him build multimedia projects.

Jeff Hutchens – The Frozen Mood: Globetrotting freelancer Jeff Hutchens captures the ambiguities that shape our times.

Caesar Lima – Focusing On The Future: Modernist in every aspect of the word, Caesar Lima pushes the boundaries of what it takes to be a professional photographer in a digital world.

Tim Tadder – Ahead Of The Game: Feeding off an unmatched competitive will to beat his own personal best, Tim Tadder’s incomparable work ethic is making him a modern master of commercial photography.

George Fulton – No Time For Haters: George Fulton is all about peace, love and making funky photographs.

The Latest And Greatest In Photo Gear:

Stylize Your Images Using Digital Filters: The difference between a technically solid photograph and a real winner that makes clients stop for a closer look is a matter of style.

Hi-Tech Studio: Triggering The Light: Wireless flash systems give more freedom when it comes to creative lighting.

Go Large With High-Tech Printers: Modern large-format printers are cost-effective and give you the opportunity to make exhibition-quality prints right in your studio.

Photoshop CS4 Takes Off : Adobe alpha tester and all-around digital master Jeff Schewe takes us on a tour of the improvements to the new version of the Adobe Creative Suite, CS4.

Megapixels: How Much Is Enough?: Pixel count certainly plays a key role in photography, but we’re approaching a point of diminishing returns and potentially reduced image quality as more pixels are packed onto a sensor.

DPP Solutions: Setting Up Redundant Storage: A look at the extensive possibilities of external hard drives as a digital photo archive.

The Fall And Rise Of Medium Format: New technology, a commitment to developing the very best image quality possible and a thriving rental market all have contributed to a renaissance in the digital medium-format category.

Advanced Photography Techniques:

Copyright Your Images: An attorney and intellectual property specialist delves into handling instances of copyright infringement .

Pro Tips: Monitor Calibration: Without color calibration, you might as well be working in the dark.

DPP Solutions: Image Optimization For The Web, Part I: How to evaluate and quickly set up your images for web usage.

Pro Tips: Chromozones: Gel your lights to create any colored background.

Pro Tips: Going Gray: A good/better/best look at converting color photos to great black-and-white images.

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