December 2007

Digital Photo Pro recently completed its fourth year in production. Since we began, we’ve been publishing six issues per year, but in 2007 we decided to add a seventh issue and give it a unique theme. The DPP Masters issue looks at the work of some of the top photographers and artists in the field. As you look through the issue, you’ll notice that some of the photographers have appeared in DPP before and some are new to our pages. In each profile, we examine a particular facet of the photographer’s work where that photographer is a true master.

Of course, whenever a collection of image makers like this is compiled, it’s frustrating that there isn’t space for more. In the end, we had only so many pages in the issue, and with all of the top-notch work being produced, it’s inevitable that plenty of other Masters aren’t represented. When we revisit the Masters Of Photography next year, we’ll have the same agonizing decisions, but we’ll also have the opportunity to revisit all of the Masters who we couldn’t get into this edition. Considering all of the amazing photography being produced, choosing the list of Masters will be very tough for a long time to come.

As you go through the issue, you’ll notice the rich diversity of images and outlooks. Professional photography is a dynamic endeavor of creativity where vision and personality and talent collide within the photographer. While there are plenty of doomsayers who predict that professional photography is in decline in favor of cheap stock produced by anyone with a camera, as I look through this issue, I see a profession that’s growing in both its capabilities and its possibilities for the future.

The proof of the promise for the future is in the incredible work of the Masters, as well as the work of the next generation of young talent who are making their presence known. As we continue to receive entries for the DPP Emerging Professional photo contest sponsored by Microsoft and Epson, we’re receiving submissions from photo programs around the country and we’re looking forward to the judging this winter. There’s no question that originality and vision aren’t in short supply.

As we close out the year with this special seventh issue of Digital Photo Pro, we’re looking forward to what 2008 will bring. In the summer of 2007, Canon and Nikon both unveiled new professional cameras that will be making an impact as soon as they’re in the hands of pros everywhere. Other manufacturers like Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma and Sony are also moving ahead full bore with cool new gear. The new Apple iMacs have brought an unparalleled level of performance to bear at low prices and with huge 24-inch monitors. Adobe continues to advance the capabilities of Photoshop, and manufacturers like Nik and onOne are making powerful software that’s purpose-designed to be intuitive for photographers. Imaging is on everyone’s mind. I wonder if the future has ever looked brighter for professional photography.

—Christopher Robinson, Editor

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