Digital Photography for the Emerging Pro

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10 Accessories To Choose And Use:
Filters, field storage, tripods, cleaning kits and more—the essential items for a digital photographer.
By Harlon Mitchell

10 Tips For Visionary Landscapes:
There’s a random element in any landscape. Learning to bring some order to that chaos will enable you to make your best photos.
By Colin Prior

10 Quick Tips For Better Close-Ups:
If you’re not doing close-up work, why not? Here are your opportunities to explore new worlds without leaving home.
By Rob Sheppard

As Simple As Black And White:
Shoot in B&W or convert in Photoshop? That is the question…
By Jon Sienkiewicz

B&W Comes of Age:
There has been a paradigm shift in what photographers can do with black-and-white imagery. Digital tools and capabilities have opened the medium to new possibilities of control that could only have been dreamed of in a wet darkroom.
By John Paul Caponigro

B&W In The Digital Age:
Talented artists are always eager to embrace new technology if it has the potential to enrich their art and bring forth their vision. If he had access to today’s tools, what would Ansel Adams do?
By Mike Stensvold

The Bit-Depth Decision:
8-bit versus 16-bit workflow is among the least understood aspects of photography for most professionals. This primer will get you up to speed quickly.
By Andrew Rodney

Black & White With A Digital Camera: Concentrate on tonality for the best monochrome results.
By Mike Stensvold

The Changing Landscape Of Printing:
The digital print gives photographers more freedom and control in getting great images.
By Guy Tal

The Color Of Light:
Master white balance for greater quality and control.
By Ibarionex Perello

Common Digital Problems & Their Solutions:
Make digital work for you with these easy-to-use tips that solve typical challenges faced in the Digital Darkroom.
By Rob Sheppard

The Complete Guide To Working With A Lab:
Photo labs aren’t just for film shooters, by a long shot.
By Mike Stensvold

Digital Exposure Essentials:
Getting the exposure right is at least as important when shooting digital as when shooting film.
By David Harlon Mitchell

Digital Horizons: Digital Darkroom Workflow
A basic outline to help you find your own best workflow when working on images in the computer.
By Rob Sheppard

Digital Horizons: Rain Forest Digital
You can successfully photograph in wet conditions with digital gear.
By Rob Sheppard

Digital ISO Speeds:
Just like film speeds, only different.
By Mike Stensvold

Do Away With Gray:
Reveal the color and contrast in your murky digital images.
By Maura C. Lanahan

Does Lens Speed Matter?
Pros love their fast glass. Maybe they’re onto something.
By Mike Stensvold

Exploring Focal Lengths:
Changing your focal length can do much more than simply give you a wider or more telephoto shot.
By Rob Sheppard

Extreme Neutral Density:
Taking super-long exposures with ND filters can add an artistic component to your photography.
By Daryl Benson

Image-Stabilization Options:
Once you try it, you can’t go back.
By Mike Stensvold

Lighting For Digital Photography And Video:
Improve the quality of your still and moving images with auxiliary light sources.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

On Landscape: Regarding Light
Become a student of light and you become a better photographer.
By William Neill

Professional Rental Studios:
From the economic advantages to the benefits of good on-site support, DPP recently spoke with a number of veteran studios to get the inside take on renting the right studio space.
By Harlon Mitchell

Pro Tips: Black-And-White:
The classic look of monochrome is as popular as ever. Here’s how to get the best results.
By Theano Nikitas

By Rick Sammon

Selective Sharpening:
For the best image quality, focus your sharpening on the areas that need it most.
By Rob Sheppard

Slides To Digital:
Duping with a D-SLR.
By Mike Stensvold

Solutions: Photo Art Papers
Choosing the ideal texture to showcase the details and colors in an image.
By Harlon Mitchell

Solutions: Tilt Toward Macro
Tilt-shift lenses provide faster shutter speeds and wider apertures for close-up photography.
By Marv Binegar

The Fall And Rise Of Medium Format:
New technology, a commitment to developing the very best image quality possible and a thriving rental market all have contributed to a renaissance in the digital medium-format category.
By Simon Wakelin

The Need For Speed:
Must-know techniques for capturing fast-paced action.
By Rick Sammon

The Ultimate Black & White:
New technology and techniques are giving rise to the ability to create the best black-and-white images ever.
By Jeff Schewe

When Does Digital Match Film?
Film and digital can’t be simply compared by using math. There’s much more to the images than numbers.
By Rob Sheppard

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