Adventure photographer and filmmaker Lucas Gilman creates dramatic photos and videos that show adventurous athletes performing some incredible feats. We had a chance to interview Gilman to talk about how he shoots and how he approaches adventure photography.

Lucas GilmanWhat’s the latest trend in action sports and how has the demand for your kind of work grown and changed in recent years?
The demand for adventure and extreme sports has grown from being a niche industry to going mainstream. The latest trend in action sports is to continue to push the envelope and the limits of what’s humanly possible, and you see examples everywhere—even events like ESPN’s X Games making prime time television.

What are your clients looking for currently?
I find clients are looking for something more from images and motion. There needs to be a story. It can’t just be a good shot of a guy hucking himself off of a cliff. There has to be something unique about it to stand apart.

How do you work with the athletes themselves?
The relationships with athletes are paramount. In a perfect world you will grow together in your respective fields. It’s a team effort. It has to be a win-win relationship, and there’s a lot of trust involved. The athlete is putting their life on the line, and you have to get the shot. There is no "take two"…no second chance.

How does G-Technology gear factor into your workflow?
G-Technology gear is the cornerstone of my digital workflow and backup strategy. As an independent filmmaker and photographer, if I’m not able to deliver content to my clients, I’m not going to get paid. And once you’ve lost the trust of the client, there is no going back. I like the G-DRIVE ev’s and G-DOCK for use in the field. The system allows me to seamlessly download and backup content in the field thus ensuring success.

Your job appears to involve risk for the athlete, as well as the photographer. What are the personal risks?
I’ve almost been kidnapped in Mexico and held up at knifepoint. And hanging off of ropes on sheer cliffs isn’t normal for most people. So, I guess you could say there are some risks involved.

How do you use G-Technology storage solutions to avoid risks with your photographs and videos?
I use G-Technology products for my backup strategy because I know that I’m getting a premium product and that I can trust their enterprise-class drives to be rugged and reliable. I had an image I took on a kayaking expedition in Mexico. It didn’t sell for six years. Then it ended up being the opening spread in National Geographic’s 125th special edition Explorer’s issue. Having a well-organized archive of images that I can access quickly allows me to distribute content quickly and efficiently.

What G-Technology product features are most important for you when you shoot in the field?
I love the new Evolution Series drives, which are super durable and allow me to plug in via USB 3 in the field to backup data. Then I insert the EV drive directly into the G-DOCK back at the studio and offload data using the blazing-fast Thunderbolt connection.

How are you incorporating more video in your work?
I’m incorporating more video everyday. Since my Nikon D4 and D800 shoot super high-quality HD video, I’m able to shoot video and stills on the same production with minimal equipment change.

Shooting video adds a whole other layer into the workflow. I use the use the G-DOCK and G-DRIVE ev’s in the field for data backup and duplication. This allows me to streamline production by getting daily copies of footage to the editors and digital techs. Back at the studio, I leverage the blazing speeds of the G-RAID’s, minimizing the time it takes to move what are typically several terabytes of data.

Meet the Evolution Series by G-Technology

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