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ewa-marine soft housings are cost-effective solutions that let you shoot confidently in inclement conditions.

Today more than ever, clients want to see how a photographer can stretch the limits of what’s possible. Nels Akerlund is using an ewa-marine housing to shoot the hot trend of “trashing the dress” wedding photography. With his vision, his camera and his ewa-marine housing he’s pushing the boundaries and exploring what’s possible.

Nels Akerlund started his career as an intern for a Washington, D.C., photographer, working at the White House during the Reagan administration in 1985. Since then, Nels has photographed world leaders, rock legends, politicians, and icons of this generation including the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama. Ackerlund has been shooting professionally for over two decades.

Ackerlund brings a thoughtful and inspiring look to his wedding photography. With a constant stream of sophisticated clients, he strives to keep the images original and unique. Taking his camera and ewa-marine housing into water, spray and sand gives him creative opportunities to make images beyond the ordinary—and make his clients happy. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, Ackerlund thrives because of his ability to push the boundaries.

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