Finalist: Maria Burns


Maria Burns

Maria Burns

Born and raised in Switzerland, Maria Burns completed her sensible study of psychology at Berne University before moving to Brooklyn to pursue photography. While studying at the International Center of Photography in NYC, Maria began exploring human nature through image. Maria found her niche combining her newfound art with her love of psychology, creating work that attempts to understand how social interactions are defined by physical spaces. With her first short film, entitled Tendance Brute, Maria brings her defined aesthetic sense into the motion world.

When did you make this film?
October 2012.

What was this project for?
Tendance Brute began as a personal project, but culminated in a featured placement on the front page of Interview Magazine.

What is the story behind the film?
Tendance Brute gears towards the interrogation of beauty as a cultural commodity. How can we capture timeless beauty to the point of its absolute conformity within our time and space? The video takes place in a devoid environment where the visual identity of a bare being moves out of a basic habitat and transforms into a determined and elegant woman.

What equipment do you use?
For my first short film, Tendance Brute, I used the RED EPIC and RED SCARLET cameras and the B2Pro Lighting System.

What do you think made this project stand out to the judges?
It might have been a mixture between originality and quality. Or the appealing idea that every frame of the motion piece has the potential to be an interesting still.

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