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Tristan Limpo Photography
Tristan Limpo
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Tristan Limpo Photography is a one man wrecking machine of the photography world. Unlike the big studios where the work is farmed out I work all my assignments myself from the conception to the lighting and shooting, and all the way through to the retouching and printing. Life's magical moments are fleeting and transitory. Children grow up quickly, forests are clear-cut, and memories fade. Every portrait session with me is a custom experience. I meet with each client individually to determine their style, and figure out how best to craft images that freeze time onto paper, metal and canvas. On the Pure Art side, I tend to bounce around like Roger Rabbit after a slug of whiskey. They say an artist must specialize to survive... but I say, who the hell are THEY anyways? Go tell it to Leonardo da Vinci! Besides, if it isn't fun... why do it? Which is probably why I gravitate towards photography, fine wood, and metal work, and ceramics as my base mediums. I am a professionally trained photographer; with a dueling background in traditional lighting and posing; and a degree in fine art photography and ceramics... then throw in an active interest in dramatic style and vision from my travels of the world.

April 14, 2011

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  1. This photo was taken at the Skagit Tulip Festival in LaConner, Washington. The vivid colors of the bus and tulips and the moody sky drew me to this shot.

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