Desrochers Wildlife And Captivity Photography

Desrochers Wildlife And Captivity Photography
Claude Desrochers
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About Claude Desrochers: Claude state that the most important thing to becoming a wildlife photographer is to simply love the outdoors and photography and put the two together. Claude Desrochers lives and works in Florida with his wife Cristina whom he has been happily maried for over 7 years. Claude holds a Certificate in professional photography and advance photojournalim and also a Certificate in a small business. Claude is a member with IFPO and also a member at NAPP (the National Association of photoshop professional). Claude is a member of National Wildlife Federation WWW.NWF.ORG Claude is a member with International Fund for Animal Welfare WWW.IFAW.ORG Claude has been involved July 8/2008 at the Big Cypress National Preserve with Deborah Jansen wildlife biologist and John Kellam resources management a project about tracking panthers. Claude as been involved with animals for ten years. Volunteer his time at a local wildlife rehab center, giving his invaluable experience handling wild animals; Claude photographs he is a frequent contributor to photography publications volunteer as a caregiver and photographer at the Suncoast primate sanctuary in Palm Harbor volunteer at Brooker Creek preserve education center in Tarpon Springs; volunteer as a handler and photographer at the Shy wolf sanctuary in Naples photographer at the Lowry Park Zoo School in Tampa, Florida photographer at Suncoast seabird sanctuary Indian Rocks, Florida BBC wildlife magazine , animals photography appear on e-cards Severals finalist certificate Awards of excellence ``Photographer Forum magazine`` Without filters or effects Claude photographs Florida with all the beauty that is in the State. Claude is a photographer who explore a wide variety of subjects an emotions in the fields of photography. Pictures of Claude appear on different magazines and houses in USA, Canada and also in Mexico and Phillipine. Selling his pictures at the Arts in Crafts shows all year in Florida. Finally, I would be amiss if I failed to mention how truly blessed I am to have such a wonderfull and supportive partner - my wife Cristina. Her patience and understanding always endures, I am forever grateful. You can see Claude pictures at his website; For information email Claude at [email protected]

January 27, 2010