Struggle For A Normal Life – Somali Refugees In Italy

Struggle For A Normal Life – Somali Refugees In Italy
Lorenzo Masi
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From the series "Struggle for a normal life - Somali refugees in Italy" ITALY. Padua, 13th July 2011. Ahmed Abdi. Born in 1991 he fled with is family in Ethiopia when he was a child. When he was nine they transferred in Sudan, they lived here together for two years until his aunt decided to go to Libya with him. Caught by Libyan border police he spent two years in jail during which his aunt looking for money to pay for his liberation. Afterward they lived two years in the Libyan city of Homs passed which they decided to take a ship to Italy. Unfortunately the boat sank shortly after it set sail. His aunt died in the shipwreck and he was taken by police and put in jail for a year an half. Released he retried to flee to Italy and for another time he was taken by police. He spent three years in prison tortured by jailer with electric shocks and knifes. Finally in February 2011 the Libyan prisons were opened because of the rise of the civil war, as a free man he took a ship to Italy. Nowadays he bears on his head the knife's scars and on the right pectoral the sign of a plastic bullet that hit him during an escape attempt.

June 8, 2012