“underground Music”

“underground Music”
Marcelino Pagan
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Underground Music A Photographic Documentary of the musicians that perform in the NYC Subways I have always been a great lover of music. So when I took on this project it was my love of music that drew me to this subject. For many years I have been attracted to the musician who play music in the NYC subway system. So when I picked up the camera many years ago I thought that this would be a good photographic project. I am attracted not only to the talented performers but also the energy and creativity that they bring to a diverse audience that travels and stops to listen to them. Be it the subway platforms on 14th Street and Union Square, 42nd Street Times Square Station or 59th Street and Columbus Circle just to name a few. When I speak to some of these musicians they tell me that though they have played in many cities, they say that New York City has the most diverse audience and they feel a connection with that they cannot feel anywhere else. And so this is why these musicians find themselves performing in the subways because not only can they practice and perform but also they can have the audience make a contribution as these talented and creative artists entertain them. For most if not all this it their only means of making a living and for some it is a way to maybe be discovered and perform at a better venue. In creating this series of photographs I hope that you find the subject matter interesting and that you can feel the energy that I tried to convey when I photographed these musical artist. Marcelino Pagan/Photographer

October 27, 2012