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A new sport is taking the world by storm. Still in its infancy, this multi-national medieval combat style known as Historic Medieval Battle (HMB) is growing in national renown. The 2012 worldwide tournament called Battle of the Nations (BotN) took place in Warsaw Poland, 2013s will take place in France. The clash of steel, the blood and bodily injuries draws in a large crowd. The 2012 live feed was bogged down by thousands of viewers tuning in all over the known world waiting to see the devastation awaiting its participants. Team USA entered the battle for its first time barely scraping together the required minimum number of participants to compete in every format. Three days of grueling fighting later the Americans returned home, leaving blood, sweat, and bile in the Polish soil. Humbled and honored the men made a worthy first impression claiming their right to fight alongside the other nations in a style of fighting that predates the existence of our nation. I have spent countless hours photographing practice after practice as these men hone themselves into fighting machines. They study tomes of historic fighting tactics, as well as modern fighting styles all to give them the edge in the coming tournament. The HMB is on the cusp of becoming the next sensation. I have been fortunate to be able to document this sport in its infancy, I hope to watch it in its maturation.

December 11, 2012