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artist's statement : Peter Remmers was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, where his artistic vision began to take form. As a child, Peter spent many hours at the Atlantic shore line with his grandparents. With his trusty camera slung around his neck, he explored the plentiful bombed-out WW2 bunkers. These striking structures served as Peter's castles and forts, fueling a fascination were the shapes and forms of nature: sand dunes, the sculptural stones, the endless ever-changing waves. Peter's seaside wanderings sparked his imagination and shaped his concepts of freedom. With constant support from his parents, and ongoing encouragement from his art teacher, Peter entered one of his works in an art competition, taking away a first-place award. This early success spurred Peter to continue his artistic endeavors at the Birmingham School of Art and Design. There, he received an advanced art degree and along the way,developed a fascination with surrealism. Of those times, says Peter, " l would get lost in the landscapes, wanting to be a part of those worlds ". After art school, Peter's work continued to evolve, taking him from London to Toronto. His arrival in Toronto occurred just as the digital age was beginning, providing Peter with an opportunity to apply his talents to visual effects for Film and Television. During this time, Peter discovered a new kind of freedom in his work by combining his passion for art with the flexibility afforded by the emerging digital technology. His sense of photographic theatre began to take flight, resulting in a number of visually arresting pieces on film and video. After winning an International Monitor Award, Peter was called to Hollywood. There, his work in the world of design and visual effects branched into other areas of film and television, including original concepts, design and art direction. His unique approach earned him a New York Film Festival award, and brought him commercial clients including: NBC, Playboy, Warner Brothers and Carsey/Werner Productions. By no means is Peter's art limited to film and video. His photographic talent are vast and impressive, evidenced by his selection as an exhibitor at the 2006 Carmel Art Festival. This distinguished event, sponsored by Artworks Magazine, showcases the art of an elite group of sixty artists, selected from hundreds who applied. Last year Peter won two Photographic Awards in California for his original pieces "Why Berlin" and "Romancing the Alien ". For the past year Peter has maintained a unique relationship with Focus Magazine, where he has acted as Creative / Art Director. Influencing a new look for the layout and design. Peter currently is featured in the new issue of Focus Magazine. Today, Peter's work is coloured by his passions-the grandeur of nature, the sensuality of the female human form and the bending and blending of visual forms. Concerning his vision, Peter says " My work is about composing a new theatrical experience-a kind of renovation of reality-beautiful and absurd. It's like combining two different languages and a new country in which to use them. That's what really gets my heart going. If l can get people to take a second look and realize that there's more going on than initially meets the eye, l'm pleased. l hope to communicate through my work with different dimensions, convincing the viewer to stop, wonder and enjoy ".

May 16, 2010