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Since childhood, Billy Liner dreamed of being an artist. Today, in spite of obstacles, he expresses his creativity through a mix of fine art, commercial, landscape and artistic photography. Billy's use of natural and mixed lighting achieves a mood of the moment that tells the untold stories of memories. Billy's work can be seen at numerous shows and publications throughout the US. Billy was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and lived 6 years in Atlanta. And is currently based out of Buffalo, South Carolina. The Intention is to illuminate the character, and portray the essence of the subjects personality, rather than merely a likeness of the physical features. I want everyone to be at ease, and be able to express emotion in a candid way. To create that photos have a long lasting impression, that they tell a story and stand the test of the time. To create a lasting impression on the viewer that drives an emotion. I want people to see sadness, happiness, and sorrow, joy not just a beautiful model. Billy's grandfather always told him to show respect like your name is on the door. His name is on the door. Billy's shots are down within the subjects comfort level. If you need to being someone with you that is positive and does not mind helping and stays out of the way it is welcomed. Have fun, enjoy yourself and lets make true art. "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." -Michelangelo

August 26, 2010