Maribel Dunning

Maribel Dunning
Maribel Dunning
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Out For A Walk There are many connotations when one thinks about venturing in to a swamp. As I began photographing The Great Dismal Swamp, I was both excited and nervous. At first I was excited about the different facets of nature I would encounter. Then, I became nervous about the potential dangers associated with this particular location, like wildlife and strangers who could also be visiting the isolated refuge. As the project ensued, I became aware to the duality such a place can have; the swamp was beautiful, yet mysterious. It was important for me to capture light as it filtered through the trees. The contrast of dark and bright light lends itself to the series substantially. It gives the viewer a sense of different moods a swamp can create. Also, the rich colors in nature help bring out the beauty often overlooked in such a setting. Some of the compositions are tight and right in on the subject; other compositions have a wider view. This variance provides different perspectives on nature. The prints themselves have boarder around the image. This space allows the viewer to focus solely on the content of the photograph. Many spaces and locations have duality. While some find a certain place cheerful or inviting, others can see it as being scary and avoid going at all costs. Preconceived notions, fear, or previous encounters usually deter people from experiencing certain events. If one were to step outside of their comfort zone and take a chance on something, they might develop a new appreciation for it. Then again, if a person takes that chance and has a negative experience, the opportunity to learn from it could be rewarding.

May 3, 2013