How Good Is the Canon R3? A Review from a Pro

We interview Jeff Cable who shot with the EOS R3 at the Tokyo Olympics
Photo of Jeff Cable with R3
Canon made a splash last week when it (finally) announced the full details of its forthcoming EOS R3 camera. The R3, which sits at the top of Canon’s full frame mirrorless line, won’t officially go on sale until November 2021 for $5999, but a few lucky photographers have already been able to shoot with the camera. One of those photographers... Read more

Canon RF vs EF Lenses: Are Mirrorless Camera Lenses Better than DSLR Versions?

Comparing the latest and greatest lenses to the tried-and-true classics
Photo of Canon EF vs RF lenses
(Editor’s Note: Ryan Hill is a product specialist at Lensrentals.) Here’s a fun fact: Canon’s EF lens mount system is almost exactly as old as I am. I was born in December of 1987, and Canon launched its first EF mount camera, the EOS 650 film SLR, just three months later. At the time, it was Canon’s first new lens mount in nearly 20 years,... Read more

5 Great Photo Gear Deals to Grab Now

Scoop up these discounted cameras and accessories from B&H and Amazon now
Hero photo of Canon 5Ds R
If you’re in the market for new pro-level camera gear, we’ve got some great Friday photo deals for you. From high resolution DSLRs and mirrorless full frame cameras to bags and stabilizers, there’s a lot on sale right now at B&H and Amazon. We’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the Internet for the best camera bargains.... Read more

The Best Cameras & Lenses of 2021, According to EISA

Annual awards name top photo gear of the year
Photo of best cameras lenses of 2021
EISA, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, just released its annual awards of the best photography gear of 2021 and, as usual, there’s a variety of winners on this elite list. While these types of photo industry awards might not be everyone’s cup of tea, as someone who served as a judge for the EISA awards in the past, I can say the... Read more

Circular vs Square Filters: Which Is Best for Landscape Photography?

The pros and cons of screw-on vs slide-in filters
Photo for photo filters
Which type of filter do you prefer for landscape photography? Do you like the circular screw-on filters or the rectangular/square type that slides in? It’s a small but important topic that’s been endlessly debated by landscape photographers. Landscape pro Mark Denney takes up the debate in the below video, saying it’s “something... Read more

What Gear Does a Sports Photographer Bring to the Olympics?

Team USA photographer gives us a peek into his bag before the Tokyo Games
Photo of Olympic gear 1
We always have trouble packing for a big trip but it’s nothing compared to what Team USA sports photographer Jeff Cable went through for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Cable gave us a peek at what photo gear he’s packing into his bags for the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan and it’s impressive if not a bit anxiety-inducing... Read more

5 Camera Gear Deals You Won’t Want to Pass Up

Snap up these discounted cameras and lenses from B&H and Amazon now
Lead photo of Sony A7R II
Photography gear is great, but photography gear can be expensive, which is why we’re always looking for the best deals on new cameras, lenses, and photo accessories. This week we’re kicking off a new series where we round up the top discounted camera and photo gear we can find. So, without further preamble, let’s get to the awesome... Read more

The 5 Best Photo Printers in 2021

These are the inkjet printers we turn to when we want gorgeous photo prints
Despite the deluge of digital images in modern life, there’s still something about a printed photo that can get people excited about photography again. Whether you’re creating a photo album for wedding clients, selling individual prints on your website, or printing out photos to hang in your next gallery show, a printed image has depth,... Read more

The 5 Best Lenses of 2021 (So Far)

2021 has been a bright year when it comes to new lenses for professional photographers
Photo of Canon lens for best lenses story
Optically speaking, 2021 has been a bright year when it comes to new lenses for professional photographers. Just as we’ve seen some impressive new pro camera bodies being released, lens manufacturers continue to grind out exciting new glass for photographers. The difference this year from years past is that the five new lenses we’ve chosen... Read more

The Best Gear for Event Photography: 10 Favorites

Event pro Jeff Cable picks his must-have equipment for shooting events
Photo of best event photography gear
Jeff Cable is a master of event photography whether he’s shooting a Bar Mitzvah or the Olympic games. A photographer for Team USA, he’s captured the last six Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, and PyeongChang. Cable also covers events, including weddings, closer to home in the Saratoga, California-region where... Read more