Check Out These Impressive First Photos Captured with the 50MP Sony Alpha a1 Camera

Full resolution test photos from Sony's new flagship camera
Photo of Sony A1 camera review photos
It’s been just over a month since Sony unveiled its new flagship full framer, the Sony Alpha a1, and our sister site, Imaging Resource (IR) has just posted a large collection of full resolution images captured with this mirrorless camera to give you an idea of its image quality. IR’s test photos from the Sony Alpha a1 include shots captured... Read more

The 5 Best Beauty Dishes for Photography 2021

Beauty is in the eye of these studio reflectors
Main beauty dish image Profoto
They’re ubiquitous tools for studio lighting but how often do photographers stop to consider beauty dishes? We’re guessing pretty rarely, which is strange since beauty dishes are downright indispensable lighting accessories for portrait and fashion photography. Serious pros don’t skimp on their cameras or lenses so why buy a cheap... Read more

Hands-on First Look Review of the 102MP Fujifilm GFX 100S Camera

An early test drive of Fujifilm's surprisingly portable and affordable medium format camera
Hands-on photo of the Fujifilm GFX100S
Our friends at Imaging Resource, which is Digital Photo Pro’s sister site, were among the first few journalists to get their hands on the highly anticipated new Fujifilm GFX 100S and they came away impressed. In an extensive first look review of the forthcoming 102MP medium format camera, Imaging Resource Reviews Editor Jeremy Gray calls the Fujifilm... Read more

8 Great Strobe Flash and LED Continuous Lights for Studio Photography

We pick our favorite lighting gear in a variety of pricepoints for shooting photos or video
Photo of Broncolor Siros L
Two of the most popular lighting choices for studio photography these days are strobe (flash) lighting and LED continuous lights. While there’s some debate as to which is better for studio shoots – we discuss the pros and cons of each lighting system in a companion post – there are plenty of quality strobe and LED products out there right... Read more

Pro Lenses

There’s no substitute for great glass. Here are noteworthy new lenses introduced this year, from wide to super-telephoto.
Despite what has been a challenging year for everyone around the globe, lens makers have managed to introduce some tremendous pro lenses—particularly for the growing ranks of full-frame mirrorless cameras. The following selection of new lenses for 2020 includes features such as fast apertures, impressive image stabilization and fantastically sharp,... Read more

Key Photography Accessories

Photo essentials from tripods to cases and tech extras to help you up your game
They’re the unsung heroes of your photography gear collection. They’re your dependable workhorses, your trusted friends when you head out for a shoot. They hold your precious photography cargo and lend support to your cameras and lenses when they need it most. They’re steady, reliable, always at your side, and ready to stand up for... Read more

Portable Strobes

Lightweight, powerful flash options for studio-quality light anywhere
“Can you stand in front of this thatched hut?” I ask Dewi, a friendly Balinese woman I met a few days before. “I’d like to include more background elements in this portrait.” The jungle heat and bright sun are palpable, and my eyes are stinging with sweat. But I am thrilled about this portrait coming together. Ever since landing in Denpasar,... Read more

Professional Cameras

A look at the latest cameras and technology trends for professional imaging
For at least the past year or two, the professional camera market has seemed hyper-focused on the full-frame camera segment. Last year, in particular, seemed like the year of the full-frame mirrorless camera, with expanded offerings from Sony, another option from Canon’s burgeoning EOS R series and Panasonic’s big debut into this market... Read more

Choosing A Printer Or Print Lab

Desktop printers have never been better, and pro lab printing has never been easier
WhiteWall’s alternative print shapes are one option for printing “outside the box.” Back in the analog era of photography, making a print required a choice: serious photographers could take a D.I.Y. darkroom approach or drop film for processing and printing at a local color lab. Color printing was technically possible in a home darkroom,... Read more

Backup And Storage Systems

Safeguard your photos and videos using a reliable, foolproof system that integrates seamlessly with your workflow
For image makers, there’s perhaps nothing more boring among our administrative duties than implementing and managing backup and storage systems—but they’re of critical importance. Many of the people reading this article have lost data and know the pain and devastation of those ordeals. If you don’t have a reliable, foolproof backup and storage... Read more