Can You Shoot Pro-Quality Video with the iPhone 13 Pro?

Apple touts latest phone as "Hollywood in your pocket" but is it?
Photo of iPhone 13 Pro
There’s been a lot of buzz from both video makers and photographers about the camera capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro since it launched last fall. With its three-camera lenses, an updated A15 Bionic chip for processing, up to 1TB of storage and new features like Cinematic shooting mode, it’s no surprise the iPhone 13 Pro ended up on a number... Read more

Here Are 5 Real-World Photos Shot with the Nikon Z9

Exclusive first shots captured with Nikon's new flagship camera
Photo of Nikon Z9
Nikon’s new flagship camera, the Z9, has been one of the hottest tickets in the photo world with early shipments of this full-frame mirrorless marvel dribbling out late last year. Fortunately for us, our colleagues at Imaging Resource, Digital Photo Pro‘s sister site, got their hot little hands on a Z9 and just posted a gallery of real-world... Read more

The 5 Best Portrait Lenses for Sony Photographers

If you shoot with Sony's E-mount cameras, add this glass to your bag
Photo of two models
(Editor’s Note: Ryan Hill is a product specialist at Lensrentals.) Having recently written an article for Digital Photo Pro about the best portrait lenses for Canon photographers, I hope I haven’t given the impression that Canon is the only option out there for portraits. In the past handful of years, Sony has either caught up to or surpassed... Read more

The 7 Best Lenses of 2021

2021 has been a bright year when it comes to new lenses for professional photographers
Photo of Sony 70-200mm lens
Optically speaking, 2021 was a bright year when it came to new lenses for professional photographers. Just as we saw some impressive new pro camera bodies being released, lens manufacturers continued to grind out exciting new glass for photographers. The difference this year from years past is that the seven new lenses we’ve chosen as the best... Read more

The 7 Best Photo Printers for Photographers in 2021

These are the inkjet printers we turn to when we want gorgeous photo prints
Photo of Canon PRO-300
Digital images are everywhere in modern life but there’s something about a printed photo that can still get people excited about photography. Whether you’re creating a photo album for wedding clients, selling individual prints on your website, or printing out photos to hang in your next gallery show, a printed image has depth, texture, and weight... Read more

The 7 Best Cameras of 2021

It's been a great year when it comes to photo gear
Photo of Canon EOS R3
You could say 2021 was the year the camera industry came roaring back but that’s mainly because 2020 was such a disaster in nearly every respect. Still though, exciting new photo gear introductions were the norm this year, making it fairly hard for us to narrow down our picks for Digital Photo Pro‘s Best Cameras of 2021. But narrow them... Read more

Does Color Management Really Matter?

See your images exactly the way you intended them
You are probably familiar with color management if you’ve spent any time on photography or videography. We have all taken photos, ordered prints and noticed that they have a flaw, like a green cast. “That’s not what it looked like when I shot the photo!” is the most common reaction. Nobody wants unattractive skin tones; not in their personal... Read more

Holiday Deals on Cameras at Adorama

We rounded up a list of cameras on sale this holiday season at Adorama.
Holiday Deals on Cameras at Adorama
The holidays are here, and with them come plenty of sales and deals at our favorite stores. We’ve created this list of holiday deals on cameras at Adorama to help you find savings for yourself or those on your shopping list this year. We’ll do our best to keep pricing and sales information up to date, but they are always subject to change. Panasonic... Read more

The 5 Best Portrait Lenses for Canon Photographers

Step up your portrait game with this gorgeous glass
Photo of best Canon portrait lenses
(Editor’s Note: Ryan Hill is a product specialist at Lensrentals.) There will never be a list of the top lenses that covers every possible base for every possible photographer. Even narrowing it down here to what I think are the best portrait lenses, the “best” lens for you really depends on what you like to shoot, what camera you have, what... Read more

Holiday Deals on Cameras at B&H

Check these deals before you start shopping for the season.
Holiday Deals on Cameras at B&H
Are you in need of a new camera or shopping for someone who does this holiday season? You’re in luck this time of year as many places run sales, including B&H. With that in mind, we dug through their website to find the best holiday deals on cameras.  Be sure to visit this page regularly, as we’ll update it with new sales and cameras... Read more