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Think Tank Camera Bag Survives 80 MPH Motorcycle Crash

Abbie Leigh really put this camera bag to the test

Abbie Leigh, a wedding and event photographer, really put her Think Tank gear to the shape last summer. The San Francisco based photographer rides a motorcycle to commute to her gigs and while she was on her way to a job when a worst-case scenario happened—she hit a pot hole on the interstate at 80 mph, flying off her bike with all her camera gear on her back. 

“I had the unexpected pleasure of knowing how pavement feels like after being Superman for a few short seconds while flying through the air on the interstate,” Leigh shared on her Instagram after the accident happened. “Not much I could do but hope that when I landed, the three semis I was in front of didn’t run me over.” 

Although Leigh’ bike was totaled in the crash, and her body took a beating, her camera gear remained unscathed. 

“Even though I slid over 150ft, full force on that bag, my cameras and laptop were fine,” Leigh says. “My pelvis was broken in 4 places but… my gear wasn’t even scratched!” 


In addition to keeping her gear safe—and potentially helping break her fall—the Think Tank bag remained functional after her accident. 

“The zipper on the bottom was burnt off from the friction and it definitely looks like it’s been through hell, BUT it is fully functional,” she says. 

Leigh’s shared the story of her crash and recovery via the Think Tank blog. She also wanted to thank the company for making such an awesome product that was able to keep her gear safe and sound in all situations. 


“I’ve had this bag for over 6 years and it has never shown any sign of wear or tear, despite packing it to the brim. It has gone on every adventure, rain, snow, insane heat, and has always kept my gear protected,” she says. 

Thankfully Leigh is on the mend and is preparing for a summer photographing motorcycle tours in Spain and Portugal. 


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