The Best Gear for Real Estate Photography: 5 Favorites

The best cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories for your next real estate shoot
Photo of real estate photography
Real estate photographers looking for the best photo gear know they need their equipment to be three things: portable, adaptable, and affordable. The reason why is shooting real estate photos can present unique challenges for you as a photographer and for your gear, including cramped locations, bad lighting, and meager client budgets. You need to be... Read more

5 Great Photo Gear Deals to Grab Now

Scoop up these discounted cameras and accessories from B&H and Amazon now
Hero photo of Canon 5Ds R
If you’re in the market for new pro-level camera gear, we’ve got some great Friday photo deals for you. From high resolution DSLRs and mirrorless full frame cameras to bags and stabilizers, there’s a lot on sale right now at B&H and Amazon. We’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the Internet for the best camera bargains.... Read more

What Gear Does a Sports Photographer Bring to the Olympics?

Team USA photographer gives us a peek into his bag before the Tokyo Games
Photo of Olympic gear 1
We always have trouble packing for a big trip but it’s nothing compared to what Team USA sports photographer Jeff Cable went through for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Cable gave us a peek at what photo gear he’s packing into his bags for the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan and it’s impressive if not a bit anxiety-inducing... Read more

The Best Gear for Event Photography: 10 Favorites

Event pro Jeff Cable picks his must-have equipment for shooting events
Photo of best event photography gear
Jeff Cable is a master of event photography whether he’s shooting a Bar Mitzvah or the Olympic games. A photographer for Team USA, he’s captured the last six Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, and PyeongChang. Cable also covers events, including weddings, closer to home in the Saratoga, California-region where... Read more

The Top 5 New Photo Accessories of Early 2021

Camera bags, tripods, and flash drives, oh my!
Photo of Lowepro Flipside 400 AW III
Photographers never seem to have enough photo accessories, which is probably why manufacturers keep making them. Last year I put together a comprehensive guide to the best photo accessories you can buy and, wouldn’t you know it, 2021 has already brought more cool new stuff to add to your photography arsenal. Below are my picks for the top five... Read more

Bags, Tripods And Other Photography Accessories

Accessories are keeping pace with all the many changes in the world of photography and content creation
Bags, Tripods And Other Photography Accessories
Camera supports and gear bags seem to have one important thing in common: You can never be satisfied with just one. Today, it’s even harder to resist with so many advancements in image creation that have revolutionized the products used in all aspects of the field, from the ever-increasing miniaturization and ease of use offered by mobile phones to... Read more

Hi-Tech Studio: Inside Ballheads

For stability, ease of use and flexibility when you’re locking off the camera, it’s hard to beat a ballhead

The many benefits of a ballhead are well known. They’re solid and stable, and they’re easy to adjust in an almost unlimited way. On most models, a single locking knob is the only control you need to manipulate. You’ll see a couple of distinct ballhead designs, one where the ball moves within a cylindrical housing, and the other where... Read more

Hi-TechStudio: You Need Your Fluids

When you’re shooting still images, keeping the camera absolutely rock-steady is critical. Everyone knows this.

When you’re shooting still images, keeping the camera absolutely rock-steady is critical. Everyone knows this. When we handhold, we recognize that we’re working in a suboptimal manner and we do what we can to mitigate the inherent issue of camera shake by using higher shutter speeds and image stabilization. We do what we can to steady the camera... Read more

DPP Solutions: Tripod Tech

Modern tripods represent extensive research and development in materials and stability technology

Legs The leg material accounts for most of a tripod’s weight and steadiness. For years, there were two choices: wood or aluminum. Today, you can still buy wood or aluminum tripods, but higher-tech materials that are sturdier and dampen vibrations more effectively are available. Wood is favored by many large-format shooters because it’s... Read more