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First Look at Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Camera

Everything you need to know about the new Instax cam

Last week Fujifilm released the new Instax Mini 12, an update to the popular Instax Mini 11. We had a chance to check the camera out prior to its launch and although the updates to the 12 are subtle, it does feature some impressive upgrades. 

What’s New?

The Instax Mini 12 has a similar form factor to the Mini 11, with its cloud-like rounded corners, Close-Up Mode and Auto Exposure capabilities. Selfie mode has been replaced with Close-Up mode, and on the Instax Mini 12 its accessed by twisting the lens, rather than pulling out the front element.

A new feature called Parallax Correction corrects the camera’s viewfinder when its set to close-up mode to help minimize object shits in the frame. The multi-function twist lens is reminiscent to the lens design of the Instax Mini 9, although it only has two shooting modes instead of four. 

sample instaxt portrait
Sample Instax Image scanned with Instax Up.

What’s It Like to Use?

One of the major draws on the Instax Mini line is how easy and fun they are to shoot with. The Instax Mini 12 continues this tradition. Load the back with a pack of fresh Instax film, twist the lens to the on position and you are ready to start shooting. Features like automatic exposure work well enough that the camera is capable of creating accurate exposures on sunny days outside or late at night inside of dark bars. The newest feature here is the Parallax Correction and during our time shooting with the Instax Mini 12 we found that it did a nice job auto-correcting our close up frames. It’s also compact enough that it’s easy to throw in a bag and capture a few BTS frames on a big shoot, or to casually capture some memories with friends and family.  



sample instax portrait
Sample Instax Image scanned with Instax Up

New  Instax Up App

Instax also debuted a new app called Instax Up that lets users digitally scan, import and organize their Instax prints. The app works with all three formats of Instax film: Mini, Square and Wide. We’ve been waiting for something like this from Instax for a long time—it’s something Polaroid introduced years ago, and ultimately makes it much easier to digitize and share your Instax prints.

Instax images of cat
Image on the left scanned without Remove Reflection activated, notice the slight reflection of a smartphone at the bottom the frame. Image on the right scanned with Remove Reflections mode.

Inside the app you simply select the format of film that you’d like to scan and then use your smartphone camera to capture a picture of the print. From there you can adjust the corners of the frame to create a perfect digital version of your analog print. Advanced features like Remove Reflections, allow you to photograph your Instax prints without reflections by taking a picture of each corner and then stitching them together. It’s a little wonky to use at the moment, but we suspect its functionality will improve with later versions of the app. 

The Instax Mini 12 will be available mid-March in Blossom Pink, Mint Green, Clay White, Lilac Purple and Pastel Blue for $79.95. The Instax Up app is free and can be downloaded through the App store or the Google Play store. 

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