Can You Shoot Pro-Quality Video with the iPhone 13 Pro?

Apple touts latest phone as "Hollywood in your pocket" but is it?
Photo of iPhone 13 Pro
There’s been a lot of buzz from both video makers and photographers about the camera capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro since it launched last fall. With its three-camera lenses, an updated A15 Bionic chip for processing, up to 1TB of storage and new features like Cinematic shooting mode, it’s no surprise the iPhone 13 Pro ended up on a number... Read more

The 7 Best Cameras of 2021

It's been a great year when it comes to photo gear
Photo of Canon EOS R3
You could say 2021 was the year the camera industry came roaring back but that’s mainly because 2020 was such a disaster in nearly every respect. Still though, exciting new photo gear introductions were the norm this year, making it fairly hard for us to narrow down our picks for Digital Photo Pro‘s Best Cameras of 2021. But narrow them... Read more

Does Color Management Really Matter?

See your images exactly the way you intended them
You are probably familiar with color management if you’ve spent any time on photography or videography. We have all taken photos, ordered prints and noticed that they have a flaw, like a green cast. “That’s not what it looked like when I shot the photo!” is the most common reaction. Nobody wants unattractive skin tones; not in their personal... Read more

A Few Good Photography Trends

Here’s a look at the trends that affected photographers and content creators in 2019, which will continue in 2020 and beyond
You’ll be seeing more Internet of Things devices, like the Google Nest Hub, which allows you to connect to Google Photos and play slideshows. As I write this sentence, the year 2020 is less than three months away, which almost makes me want to throw on a gold-colored “Star Trek” uniform, tap the voice memo mobile app on my iPhone (pretending it’s... Read more

DJI Zenmuse X7 and DJI Inspire 2 Hands On Review

One of the best video cameras on the market grabs 6K footage, has 14 stops of range and a top speed of 67 mph
Sunrise view from DJI Inspire and Zenmuse X7
After about 20 minutes hovering around the old trestle and panning across the tracks, we finally hear the whistle of an approaching train. Taking the DJI Inspire 2 and its attached DJI Zenmuse X7 camera up to its maximum altitude, I put the drone a hundred feet or so above the tracks and off the train’s port side. With no desire to get a drone... Read more

Sony’s Trio Of 4K Camcorders Usher In A New Era Of Autofocus For Video

Sony's trio of PXW-790V, HXR-NX80, and FDR-AX700 bring best-in-class autofocus to the professional and consumer shooter
The advances in digital video technology over the last decade are nothing short of astounding. Today’s consumer and professional video cameras have a level of resolution, dynamic range and color fidelity that, just a few short years ago, would have been available only to the upper echelon of Hollywood productions. One area that has lagged behind... Read more

iMac Pro, New iMacs And MacBook Pro Target Photo And Video Markets

Updates to the existing lineup and a preview of the iMac Pro renew Apple’s commitment to pros
Apple iMac Pro
The history of Apple is tied to that of the creative professional, after all, Apple is the company that ushered in the age of “desktop publishing” with the original Mac computers, and enabled digital photography and digital videography to blossom thanks to affordable, powerful high-end Macs. Apple’s history with professionals, though, has not... Read more

The Color Crisis

Why color management is so important, and why you probably aren’t doing it right
color management
Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO I was standing in the kitchen the other day with my mother and my 6-year-old son, and found myself—as I do so often—providing computer tech support for my mother. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but my septuagenarian mother was having trouble with a computer concept, and I was getting frustrated trying to explain it... Read more

Apple’s Wide Color

Apple’s new standard for displaying colors will change photography—again
Apple Wide Color
The representation and display of color is at the heart of everything a photographer does, yet the devices we use to capture and view that color are inherently flawed. Monitors have a limited range of what they can display and they operate on a different system of color reproduction entirely from photo printers and offset presses. There have been several... Read more

Sensors Un-Sensored

The heart of any digital capture system is the image sensor. Incredibly fast-paced improvements in resolution and performance have brought us to a point where the next quantum leap is on the horizon.

CMOS And CCD Digital cameras—smartphone through pro medium-format—use one of two types of image sensors: CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) or CCD (charge-coupled device). Early digital cameras used CCD because it produced better image quality and was easier to make using the technology of the time and, basically, was the only type... Read more