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7 Best Lenses for Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Top optics for Fuji's popular retro-style mirrorless camera line
Photo of best fuji lenses

Fujifilm’s popular X series of digital cameras is over a decade old. Launched back in 2011 with the Fuji X100, which was a fixed-lens camera, the series has evolved into a line of mostly APS-C sensor-based mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Known for their compact and stylish retro camera designs, the most recent models in the X series mirrorless line include the Fujifilm X-T30 II and the X-E4. Like the eclectic assortment of cameras themselves, X series lenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering a little something for nearly every photographer.

If you own a Fujfilm X series mirrorless camera or if you’re planning to buy one, figuring out which lens to get can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, many of these Fuji camera bodies can be purchased with a kit lens. But if you want to grow as an X series photographer, you’ll need something with a little more quality.

Our colleagues from Imaging Resource have put together a comprehensive guide to the best lenses for your Fujifilm X series mirrorless cameras, picking nearly 20 favorites from both Fujifilm and third-party lens manufacturers. We’ve whittled down their list to the seven best Fujifilm lenses for X series mirrorless cameras below and on the following pages.

Best Lens for Portrait Photography: Fuji XF 50mm f/2 R WR ($449)

Photo of Fuji XF 50mm lens


“Fuji offers several models of fast short- to mid-telephoto prime lenses, but our top pick is an absolutely solid bang-for-your-buck lens, the XF 50mm f/2 W WR,” Imaging Resource writes. “Tiny and unassuming yet solidly built with full weather-sealing, this capable little 50mm (75mm eq.) prime is a wonderfully sharp lens that will have you capturing beautiful portraits without breaking the bank. The lens’s f/2 aperture helps keep the size, weight and costs down, yet it’s still bright enough for excellent low-light capabilities and great subject isolation with smooth bokeh.”

Check the price and availability of the Fuji XF 50mm f/2 R WR: Adorama | Amazon

Best Lens for Landscape Photography: Fuji XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS WR ($999)

Photo of Fuji 10-24mm lens


“This ultra-wide-angle zoom lens provides a versatile 15-36mm-equivalent zoom range, making it an excellent option for landscape photography pursuits. Fujifilm updated their highly regarded XF 10-24mm f/4 lens towards the end of 2020, adding improved optical image stabilization, a refreshed design with a labeled aperture ring, faster AF and, most importantly, rugged weather sealing to its construction. Optically, it’s a wonderful lens.”

Check the price and availability of the Fuji XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS WR: Adorama | Amazon

Best Lens for Travel & Street Photography: Fuji XF 16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR ($799)

Photo of Fuji XF 16-80 lens


“Offering an all-purpose zoom range of 24-122mm in 35mm-equivalence, the XF 16-80mm lens an excellent one-lens choice for a compact camera kit, whether you’re photographing landscapes, street scenes, family vacation moments or impromptu portraits. The lens is weather-sealed, weighs under a pound and has a handy constant aperture that we prefer over variable-aperture lenses. The lens is very sharp across the zoom range, even wide open.”

Check the price and availability of the Fuji XF 16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR: Adorama | Amazon

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