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The 7 Best Lenses of 2021

2021 has been a bright year when it comes to new lenses for professional photographers

Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR

Photo of Fujifilm GF 80mm lens

The Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR ($2299) is the brightest autofocus lens yet for a medium format mirrorless camera and delivers “excellent sharpness and bokeh,” according to our colleague Jeremy Gray who tested the lens for our sister site, Imaging Resource. According to Gray, the lens has very good build quality and its fast aperture gives it lots of flexibility for a medium format mirrorless camera lens. The Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR features nine rounded diaphragm blades that can be stopped down for edge-to-edge sharpness or opened up to create silky smooth bokeh and eye-catching shallow depth of field for portraits. And portraits are where the Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR really shines because while the lens’ autofocus wasn’t particularly fast in Gray’s testing, once it locked in it delivered appealingly crisp images with buttery bokeh. “The lens is sharp, even at f/1.7,” Gray writes. “Further, the bokeh, a significant draw for a fast lens such as the GF 80mm, is very good.” The lens also balances well on a Fujifilm GFX camera body but is smaller and more portable than other fast primes in the GF lineup, measuring only 3.9 inches long and weighing just 1.75 pounds. At the same time, build quality is solid and the lens boasts weather resistant sealing at ten locations on the barrel to protect again dust and water. It can operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F and the front lens element is coated with fluorine to repel direct. So, whether you’re shooting portraits in the studio or out in the wild, the Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR is a reliable straight shooter.

Check the price and availability of the Fujifilm GF 80mm F1.7 R WR: Adorama | Amazon | B&H

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