Hi-Tech Studio: Strobes On The Go


Broncolor offers Siros monolights in 400- and 800-joule models. The Siros 800 S provides flash durations up to 1/8000 (with a special HS flash tube in HyperSync mode), recycling from 0.02 to 0.95 seconds and 800 joules (watt-seconds) of power. It features a proportional modeling light, a constant color temperature of 5500K (thanks to Enhanced Color Temperature Control) at all power settings and remote control via WiFi and smart device, plus radio control or PocketWizard control. The Siros has a cooling fan, and it can be powered by AC or the optional Move battery pack. The Siros 800 S dimensions are 5.1×12.6×7.1 inches, and weight is 7.9 pounds. The Move battery pack dimensions are 8.3×6.7×9 inches, and weight is 13.7 pounds, including battery. www.hasselbladbron.com


Dynalite’s Baja B4 battery-powered monolight features built-in wireless control. The 400 w/s Baja B4 provides flash durations from 1/500 to 1/12,800, recycles in 0.2 to 3.7 seconds, and delivers up to 550 flashes per charge at full power and up to 3600 at minimum power. It features a 5W modeling light, a color temperature of 5500K (+/-200K) and a 2.4 GHz wireless triggering system that works up to 590 feet away and can control up to six groups, with up to 16 channels per group. Dimensions are 13.5×4.8×8.6 inches; weight is 6.1 pounds. www.dynalite.com


Elinchrom’s Ranger system consists of three monolight heads and the Ranger RX Speed AS portable battery pack. The Ranger A (Action) head can deliver durations as fast as 1/5120 via superfast channel B. The Ranger S (Standard) head is excellent for general purposes and ideal for outdoor use with HyperSync high-speed flash. The Ranger RX Ringflash 1500 encircles the camera lens, providing shadowless lighting for close-ups and fashion. All provide up to 1100 watt-seconds of output, color temperature of 5500K and recycling to full power in 3 seconds. The battery pack provides EL-Skyport radio remote control and triggering; an optional WiFi module and the EL-Skyport app let you control things from your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. The S and A heads both measure 9.4×5.5×8.3 inches and weigh 5.2 pounds, including cable. The Ringflash head measures 9.0×7.9×12.6 inches and weighs 3.9 pounds. The Ranger RX Speed AS battery pack measures 7.5×5.5×11 inches and weighs 17.6 pounds. www.elinchrom.com


The Flashpoint RoveLight 600 monolight is a self-contained, battery-powered unit with a 16-channel TRS radio controller. It provides flash durations up to 1/15,000, recycling from 0.3 to 3.5 or 0.3 to 4.5 seconds, and settings from 1/128 to full power (600 watt-seconds). It features a color temperature of 5500K (+/-200K) and an LED modeling lamp. Dimensions are 5x5x10.5 inches, and weight is 5.5 pounds. www.adorama.com


Hensel’s Porty L 600 and Porty L 1200 portable battery units can power a number of Hensel AC monolights. The L 600 provides up to 600 w/s, with flash durations of 1/4200 to 1/7650 and recycling times from 0.15 to 1.1 seconds. The L 1200 provides up to 1200 w/s, with flash durations from 1/2400 to 1/5200 and recycling times from 0.2 to 2.1 seconds. Both units measure 7.8×8.9×8.5 inches; the L 600 weighs 11.9 pounds, and the L 1200 weighs 13 pounds. Hensel monolights include the Expert D (500 and 1000 w/s, with three built-in radio receivers), the Integra Plus (250, 500 and 1000 w/s, with built-in Strobe Wizard radio receiver and freemask, which takes a normally lit image and another using only the backlighting for easy masking in Photoshop), the compact Integra Mini (300 and 500 w/s), and the Speed Max, which can deliver durations as brief as 1/66,660 second and up to 31 flashes per second. hensel.eu

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