Hi-Tech Studio: An Option For Continuous Lighting

With DSLRs and video taking the photography and film worlds by storm, more and more photographers are looking to break into motion work. With that in mind, some photographers who have been more accustomed to strobe lighting are finding that continuous lights for both still and video might be a better fit for their new workflow.

Strobe lighting has some advantages over continuous lights, to be sure. You get tack-sharpness, thanks to the strobe’s ability to freeze all motion, and the strobes easily fit with modifiers to create particular lighting effects. But strobes, obviously, just don’t work for any kind of motion shooting. Also, many still photographers have preferred continuous lights because of their instant feedback (what you see is what you get) and because continuous lights give you options for showing motion in the shot.

One of the main drawbacks of continuous lights (also called hot lights) has been that they are, in fact, hot. Typical tungsten lights can get very hot indeed, which can make them difficult to work with and requires special care when using any kind of modifier on the lights.

The venerable motion-picture company ARRI produces some of the highest-quality and most powerful lights in the industry. ARRI has been a household name for film and video shooters for as long as there have been motion pictures. They make a continuous-light solution for any problem, and their tungsten kits have an excellent reputation for packaging the most useful lights and accessories in a single case that can be transported easily.

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For photographers and those interested in doing still and motion, the ARRI 300/650 kit is a good option. The standard ARRI 300/650 kit includes: 2 300-watt, 120-volt Fresnels; 4 Barndoors; 4 Filter Frames; 2 full 5-inch Single Scrims; 2 full 5-inch Double Scrims; 2 FKW 300-watt, 120-volt Lamps; 2 650-watt, 120-volt Fresnels; 2 full 65?8-inch Single Scrims; 2 full 65?8-inch Double Scrims; 2 FRK 650-watt, 120-volt Lamps; 1 Acces-sory Pack; 1 Ceiling Scissor Clamp; 4 AS-2 Lightstands; and 1 40x19x131?2-inch Heavy-Duty Case with integrated wheels.

The Fresnel lights are a good choice in situations when a compact, lightweight tungsten spotlight is required. The ARRI lights are constructed of corrosion-resistant extruded and die-cast aluminum. This adds body strength while keeping the weight down. The short focal-length lenses with wider angles give more good output and light distribution over the full beam area.

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