Backup And Storage Systems For Photographers

Whatever system you use to back up your photos and video, it’s essential that it meets your needs and is reliable
Backup And Storage Systems For Photographers
Photographers will often debate whether you need this type of camera or that kind of lens. “Do you really need the extra megapixels?” and “Can’t you make do with the lens you already own?” are valid questions that you should ask yourself whenever you consider buying new gear. However, a backup and storage system strategy might be the most... Read more

Adventure-Ready Storage And Backup

Award-winning surf filmmaker Aaron Lieber offers insights for on-location workflow to ensure your images return safely home with you
G Technology ArmorATD
As imaging technologies advance, you’re probably taking more images and video than ever before. The fast, continuous shooting capabilities of today’s digital cameras along with their ability to record incredible high-resolution video open up so many creative possibilities for visual storytelling. Whether you’re a working professional or an adventurous... Read more

G-Technology G Speed Shuttle SSD And Drobo 5D3

Two unique storage options for the prolific photographer and videographer
Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, is famously credited with saying “you can never be too rich or too thin,” although for the photographer and videographer, that maxim might better be “your computer can never be too fast or have too much storage.” Creating the bits and bytes of a digital photography or videography workflow is the everyday business... Read more

G|Drive Mobile SSD R-Series Hands-On Review

Unmatched storage performance in a hard drive that fits in your pocket, with room to spare
At some point in the relatively-near future, the traditional hard drive-comprised of spinning platters of magnetic material will disappear from the marketplace. The fragility of conventional drives is offset by the low cost of production, but as solid-state memory drops in price, the cost benefits of sticking with a large, delicate recording device... Read more

Network Attached Storage

Forget the cloud. Keep files on your desktop and access them across the globe.
network attached storage
For many video-based creatives, editing is a solitary process, countless hours spent heads-down, culling images and footage, tweaking audio, correcting color, revising endlessly and culminating in creating a final product for a client. Increasingly, the various specialties required to create broadcast or cinema content require collaboration. As video... Read more

Storage Wars Of A Different Kind

Do we invest in our existing archives as a potential revenue source, or keep the material but not spend the hundreds of hours it will take to catalog and keyword all the files?
image storage
I’m at war with myself. Well, perhaps war is too strong of a word. Let’s tone that down to “in conflict” with myself—over drives. A few weeks ago, I decided to do some end-of-summer housekeeping in our edit bay. I went through every hard drive that my company owns. I took screen captures and created a file folder using screen caps of file... Read more

Managing Your Image Archive

How you store your files is just as important as how you capture them
managing photo archive
I will never forget the moment I learned about the importance of having an implemented, ironclad photo backup strategy. The date was April 13, 2002, months after the tragic day that my hometown of New York City—and the entire U.S.—was devastated by terrorist attacks. It was one of the last nights I had to photograph the “Tribute in Light,” an... Read more

USB-C Hard Drives

New standards promise increased hard drive speed and productivity, if you’re willing to buy new gear
USB-C hard drives
LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive As Apple takes aggressive steps in the computer market to foster the adoption of the new USB-C standard—abandoning all connectors on the new MacBook Pro aside from USB-C—photographers find themselves on the threshold of a new range of hard drive performance, but not without some confusion. The USB-C connector combines... Read more

Taking Your Photos With You

Moving images and videos from location to studio or client can seem daunting, but technology is here to help
WD My Cloud service
WD MyPassport Wireless Pro For the location photographer, getting photographs and videos back to the studio or to the client is oftentimes more daunting of a challenge than the actual creative assignment. The files created by still cameras and video cameras keep getting larger as sensor sizes and video resolutions increase. While a lot of location work... Read more

Behind The Tech: RAID

Demystifying RAID for photographers
Photographer Vincent LaForet edits at his studio workstation, where he stores his files on RAID drives. Whether you’re relatively new or experienced in the world of digital photography, ever-increasing file sizes and ever-speedier camera frame rates continue to make larger and larger demands on your digital storage and backup solutions. While storage... Read more

Tomorrow’s Storage Cards Are Here

What the new XQD and CFast storage cards offer the photographer, and why they’re so slow to be adopted
Tomorrow’s Storage Cards Are Here
Photographers are in a never-ending search for improvements in performance—a bigger sensor, faster shutter speed, lighter gear, better optics. Thanks to the breakneck pace of computing (and digital cameras are really sophisticated little computers with lenses attached), we’re used to looking for regular performance boosts in our technology arsenal.... Read more