The 7 Best Cameras of 2021

It's been a great year when it comes to photo gear
Photo of Canon EOS R3
You could say 2021 was the year the camera industry came roaring back but that’s mainly because 2020 was such a disaster in nearly every respect. Still though, exciting new photo gear introductions were the norm this year, making it fairly hard for us to narrow down our picks for Digital Photo Pro‘s Best Cameras of 2021. But narrow them... Read more

Circular vs Square Filters: Which Is Best for Landscape Photography?

The pros and cons of screw-on vs slide-in filters
Photo for photo filters
Which type of filter do you prefer for landscape photography? Do you like the circular screw-on filters or the rectangular/square type that slides in? It’s a small but important topic that’s been endlessly debated by landscape photographers. Landscape pro Mark Denney takes up the debate in the below video, saying it’s “something... Read more

What Gear Does a Sports Photographer Bring to the Olympics?

Team USA photographer gives us a peek into his bag before the Tokyo Games
Photo of Olympic gear 1
We always have trouble packing for a big trip but it’s nothing compared to what Team USA sports photographer Jeff Cable went through for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Cable gave us a peek at what photo gear he’s packing into his bags for the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan and it’s impressive if not a bit anxiety-inducing... Read more

The Top 5 New Photo Accessories of Early 2021

Camera bags, tripods, and flash drives, oh my!
Photo of Lowepro Flipside 400 AW III
Photographers never seem to have enough photo accessories, which is probably why manufacturers keep making them. Last year I put together a comprehensive guide to the best photo accessories you can buy and, wouldn’t you know it, 2021 has already brought more cool new stuff to add to your photography arsenal. Below are my picks for the top five... Read more

Key Photography Accessories

Photo essentials from tripods to cases and tech extras to help you up your game
They’re the unsung heroes of your photography gear collection. They’re your dependable workhorses, your trusted friends when you head out for a shoot. They hold your precious photography cargo and lend support to your cameras and lenses when they need it most. They’re steady, reliable, always at your side, and ready to stand up for... Read more

Bags, Tripods And Other Photography Accessories

Accessories are keeping pace with all the many changes in the world of photography and content creation
Bags, Tripods And Other Photography Accessories
Camera supports and gear bags seem to have one important thing in common: You can never be satisfied with just one. Today, it’s even harder to resist with so many advancements in image creation that have revolutionized the products used in all aspects of the field, from the ever-increasing miniaturization and ease of use offered by mobile phones to... Read more

BenQ SW271

27" 4K Adobe RGB HDR photographer monitor provides hyper-accurate editing
There are few items in the digital photographic chain more important than the monitor, as it’s literally impossible to accurately evaluate and edit digital images without an accurate display. Monitors need to be sharp, color accurate and easily able to be brought into calibration so that the results are the same when images are shared with other calibrated... Read more

The Best (Non-Photographic) Tools For Photographers

These tech items, gadgets, gizmos and services can make life better for any creative
Get a group of shooters together, and talk will soon turn to the various accessories inside our camera bags. Because we all like to take better photos with less effort, we spend a lot of time discussing the accessories we use to improve our photography. I’ve spent countless hours debating the best flash trigger or circular polarizer, and I’ve hunted... Read more

OWC Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Dock A Must Have For Laptop Users

Thirteen ports, perfect functionality make this hub the go-to choice for Mac users
Last year I earned the dubious distinction of having flown 100,000 miles, a schedule of working travel that’s familiar to many a photographer. Spending weeks at a time away from home as I do, I’m a big proponent of the idea of making a laptop computer your only computer, something I wrote about here in Digital Photo Pro. Apple’s MacBook... Read more

Supercharging Your Connection

Photographers can transfer files and connect to the Internet faster than ever—but only with the right gear  
internet connection
Professional photographers are keenly aware of the benefits of keeping their computers up to date, often upgrading to the fastest models as soon as more powerful versions come out. There’s a clear and direct correlation to the speed of a computer and the speed with which one can edit files and get them ready for output. Fewer photographers spend time... Read more