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Circular vs Square Filters: Which Is Best for Landscape Photography?

The pros and cons of screw-on vs slide-in filters
Photo for photo filters

Which type of filter do you prefer for landscape photography? Do you like the circular screw-on filters or the rectangular/square type that slides in? It’s a small but important topic that’s been endlessly debated by landscape photographers.

Landscape pro Mark Denney takes up the debate in the below video, saying it’s “something that’s come up quite a bit recently and the question always remains the same, ‘Which style of filters is best for landscape photography, circular screw on filters or rectangular slide in filters?'”

“Personally, I use both styles, but when the question was first brought to my attention, I had to stop and think about what the reasons were that I still used both styles of filters,” Denney says.

In the video, Denney breaks down the pros and cons of the two types of filters. “You might think the only difference between these two styles of filters is just the overall shape of them along with how you mount them to your lens, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that,” he says. “So, if you’re looking to purchase filters for your landscape photography I hope the information in this video will help you with your buying decision.”

Square Filter Pros

  • Less Vignetting
  • Easier to use with polarizer
  • Stackable
  • Adapt to other lenses

Circular Filter Pros

  • Easy to set up
  • More durable
  • No light leakage

Square Filter Cons

  • More expensive
  • Need adapter
  • Less durable
  • Potential for light leakage
  • More to carry around

Circular Filter Pros

  • Potential vignetting
  • Threading issues
  • Graduated filter limitations


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