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PhotoJoseph On Think Tank Photo’s Airport Advantage Plus Rolling Camera Bag

A video review of the new roller, which can hold a huge amount of gear with some creative division of compartments
Think Tank Photo Airport Advantage Plus rolling camera bag

Do you like bags? Of course, you like bags. You’re a photographer; these seem to go hand-in-hand! The problem with bags is that you need *the right one* for every occasion, such as when you need to carry a lot of gear on a plane, but don’t want to have to check it. Airline bag restrictions are tight, and if your bag is an inch oversized, it could be destined for the hold, so keeping up with the rules is really important when your gear is concerned.

I’ve been a big fan of Think Tank bags for as long as I can remember. They aren’t the only ones I use, but when I look at my collection (yeah, it’s like that), the ones that get used the most are Think Tank. So, I’m pretty excited about this new roller, which even for the smaller Micro Four Thirds gear, with a little creative division of compartments, can hold a TON of gear. As you’ll see in this video, I’m packing a lot more than just bodies and lenses in my bag!

This article and video are provided by our friend PhotoJoseph and his excellent YouTube Channel, which we highly recommend you subscribe to. While on YouTube, also check out our channel.

Think Tank Photo’s Airport Advantage Plus Rolling Camera Bag

This video is brought to you by our friend PhotoJoseph. Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram


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Check out this Airline Laptop Guide For Photographers, as well as Think Tank Photo’s announcement of the new Airport Advantage Plus.

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