A Constant Light: LED Lighting Solutions

Today’s LED lights are brighter, cheaper and better than ever, and ready for your studio
LED lighting
The flash of a strobe is intertwined so closely with the identity of a photographer that it has always been the signal in entertainment that a character is a photographer. Think, for instance, of film-noir dramas, where a news reporter catches a shot of a mobster—their Speed Graphic camera is always seen with a large, round Graflex flashgun popping... Read more

DIY High-Power Video Or Still Light For Under $200

We made our own 11,200 lumen LED lighting solution that’s lightweight and durable. Check out the how-to video.
LED lighting solutions
We’re always looking for ways to save time and money in the studio, so we set out to see if we could create a low-budget but powerful lighting solution for photography and videography. After wandering the aisles of the local hardware store, we found materials that allowed us to create our very own studio lighting hack—an 11,200 lumen light that... Read more

The Color Crisis

Why color management is so important, and why you probably aren’t doing it right
color management
Datacolor Spyder5STUDIO I was standing in the kitchen the other day with my mother and my 6-year-old son, and found myself—as I do so often—providing computer tech support for my mother. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but my septuagenarian mother was having trouble with a computer concept, and I was getting frustrated trying to explain it... Read more

Apple’s Wide Color

Apple’s new standard for displaying colors will change photography—again
Apple Wide Color
The representation and display of color is at the heart of everything a photographer does, yet the devices we use to capture and view that color are inherently flawed. Monitors have a limited range of what they can display and they operate on a different system of color reproduction entirely from photo printers and offset presses. There have been several... Read more

Behind The Tech: RAID

Demystifying RAID for photographers
Photographer Vincent LaForet edits at his studio workstation, where he stores his files on RAID drives. Whether you’re relatively new or experienced in the world of digital photography, ever-increasing file sizes and ever-speedier camera frame rates continue to make larger and larger demands on your digital storage and backup solutions. While storage... Read more

Depth Takes Time

Stephen Wilkes talks about his approach to storytelling through photography and how the print is the culmination of his creative process
Stephen Wilkes
Stephen Wilkes’s Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom—documenting an abandoned hospital on the island—offers a compelling look into America’s past, drawing viewers in with powerful, stirring images. “When people look at my Ellis work, they always say there’s an intimacy in the work, and that is because of the depth of the work, and you don’t... Read more

Bright, Soft And Portable

LED lighting matures, giving a whole new set of possibilities
It’s odd to think that today’s LED lights—bright, low-power and lightweight—are related to the LED lights of the late 1960s and 1970s. Anyone of a certain age who suffered from insomnia or rolled into bed after a night of partying is familiar with the persistent, obnoxious glow of a bedside alarm clock. Who knew that the technology used to... Read more

Medium Format Cameras

The photographer’s secret weapon in the era of film is seeing a resurgence today.
Hasselblad H6D
[Updated August 25th, 2016] Medium format cameras once were the chosen tool of every studio photographer.  At a certain point in a photographer’s studio career, they would graduate to medium format work, and their 35mm gear would be relegated to on-location shoots, scouting and travel work. The digital photography era took some of the shine off of... Read more

Studio In The Wild

Battery powered lights have really come into their own. Here’s a rundown of great location lights that work even when you’re far afield.
Studio In The Wild
Want to bring studio lighting control into the great outdoors? You can, with a wide array of battery-powered location lighting tools. From small flashes to high-power strobes and LEDs, there’s a wealth of great options for bringing studio-style lighting to the most remote locations. Strobes When you think about going on location with strobes, the... Read more

Display Your Photos With Alternative Print Media

Get away from paper. Try printing images on wood, acrylic and metal for new ways to present your photography.

In the digital age sometimes we forget how wonderful it is to actually see a great photograph printed out. That feeling of seeing an image you took grace a wall is exciting and validating. Ordering or making prints of your images is a relatively simple process. It’s an age-old process. What’s new, though, is the types of materials that are now... Read more