The 5 Best Photo Printers in 2021

These are the inkjet printers we turn to when we want gorgeous photo prints
Despite the deluge of digital images in modern life, there’s still something about a printed photo that can get people excited about photography again. Whether you’re creating a photo album for wedding clients, selling individual prints on your website, or printing out photos to hang in your next gallery show, a printed image has depth,... Read more

Choosing A Printer Or Print Lab

Desktop printers have never been better, and pro lab printing has never been easier
WhiteWall’s alternative print shapes are one option for printing “outside the box.” Back in the analog era of photography, making a print required a choice: serious photographers could take a D.I.Y. darkroom approach or drop film for processing and printing at a local color lab. Color printing was technically possible in a home darkroom,... Read more

Realize Your Vision

Create gallery-quality prints at home with Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers
Canon imagePROGRAF printer in studio setting
The perfect expression and gesture. Dramatic illumination. Backdrop, wardrobe and makeup. So many details come together, orchestrated to produce a stunning image for your client, culminating in a print that fully expresses your creativity. Your clients—and your portfolio— deserve the finest printing capabilities. The incredible resolution and color... Read more

Making An Impression: Printers And Services

Discover some of the printers and services available to bring your digital images into print
Printers and services
Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Like silver halide crystals in days of yore, pixels have become a photographer’s creative stock-in-trade. Even photographers who still shoot film usually scan their negatives or slides to create a digital file. Then, image files are either printed at home or sent to a lab.  The great majority of photographers who... Read more

The Perfect Print From Start To Finish

Choosing the right paper for your photo’s subject to create exceptional fine art prints
Cheryl Walsh prints “The Ascension of Salacia” on Canson Infinity Edition Etching. When Cheryl Walsh isn’t submerged in her swimming pool shooting fine art portraits of models or on dry land creating portraits for high school seniors, she can be found at her computer, preparing to bring her images to life through prints. With a dual photography... Read more

5 Pro Studio Gear Guides

From LED lighting to wireless flash to large-format printers, these solutions will maximize your productivity in the studio so you can deliver the image to your client
wireless flash
From LED lighting to wireless flash to large-format printers, these solutions will maximize your productivity in the studio so you can deliver the image to your client. 1. The Mixed Studio If you’ve been to any photo trade show or video shoot recently, you may have seen a new lighting trend emerging: LED continuous lights. Read More… 2. Monolights... Read more

Depth Takes Time

Stephen Wilkes talks about his approach to storytelling through photography and how the print is the culmination of his creative process
Stephen Wilkes
Stephen Wilkes’s Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom—documenting an abandoned hospital on the island—offers a compelling look into America’s past, drawing viewers in with powerful, stirring images. “When people look at my Ellis work, they always say there’s an intimacy in the work, and that is because of the depth of the work, and you don’t... Read more

Display Your Photos With Alternative Print Media

Get away from paper. Try printing images on wood, acrylic and metal for new ways to present your photography.

In the digital age sometimes we forget how wonderful it is to actually see a great photograph printed out. That feeling of seeing an image you took grace a wall is exciting and validating. Ordering or making prints of your images is a relatively simple process. It’s an age-old process. What’s new, though, is the types of materials that are now... Read more

The Print Is Part Of The Story

Amy Toensing on connecting with people and cultures through her photography, and the personal value of printmaking
Print Story
Inspired by traditional darkroom processes to pursue photography as a profession, Amy Toensing talks about her approach to connecting with subjects. “I’m constantly trying to understand our world,” Toensing explains, “and I do that through culture and people. The thing I love most about my work is that it gives me an excuse to be nosy and... Read more

Making An Image “Real”

Advertising and sports photographer Tim Tadder talks about his creative process and the integral role that printing plays in it

Known for his advertising and commercial work, including photographs of iconic athletes like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps, Tim Tadder is widely recognized for his imaginative images. In this video, Tadder talks about his creative process and how a sound trigger became the inspiration for a series of memorable photographs. jwplayer('playeroWkiyIsapAaRepson-epson_tt_v04pt1_mix-color_h264_082415').setup({ ... Read more