The 7 Best Cameras of 2021

It's been a great year when it comes to photo gear
Photo of Canon EOS R3
You could say 2021 was the year the camera industry came roaring back but that’s mainly because 2020 was such a disaster in nearly every respect. Still though, exciting new photo gear introductions were the norm this year, making it fairly hard for us to narrow down our picks for Digital Photo Pro‘s Best Cameras of 2021. But narrow them... Read more

Holiday Deals on Cameras at Adorama

We rounded up a list of cameras on sale this holiday season at Adorama.
Holiday Deals on Cameras at Adorama
The holidays are here, and with them come plenty of sales and deals at our favorite stores. We’ve created this list of holiday deals on cameras at Adorama to help you find savings for yourself or those on your shopping list this year. We’ll do our best to keep pricing and sales information up to date, but they are always subject to change. Panasonic... Read more

Holiday Deals on Cameras at B&H

Check these deals before you start shopping for the season.
Holiday Deals on Cameras at B&H
Are you in need of a new camera or shopping for someone who does this holiday season? You’re in luck this time of year as many places run sales, including B&H. With that in mind, we dug through their website to find the best holiday deals on cameras.  Be sure to visit this page regularly, as we’ll update it with new sales and cameras... Read more

The Best Black Friday Camera Deals at Amazon

See which cameras are on sale this holiday season at Amazon.
The Best Black Friday Camera Deals at Amazon
Do you have a professional photographer on your holiday shopping list this year? To help you find them the perfect gift and to help you save a little money, we compiled a list of the best Black Friday Camera deals at Amazon.  Be sure to visit this page regularly, as we’ll update it with new sales and cameras throughout the holiday season.... Read more

How to Get Started with View Camera Photography

Shooting photos with a vintage 4x5 camera can unlock your creativity
Photo of a vintage view camera
Editor’s Note: This is the second story in a two-part series by Michael Chiusano on vintage view camera photography. You can read his first story with five reasons to use a vintage view camera today here. Images included in this story were shot by Chiusano with a view camera as part of his “Meditations on house fans” photo series. Shooting... Read more

Do You Really Need a Medium Format Camera?

Digital medium format cameras offer bigger sensors and bigger prices
Photo of Medium Format Camera questions
(Editor’s Note: Ryan Hill is a product specialist at Lensrentals.) The appeal of a medium format film camera is relatively clear: a larger film frame means sharper images and the option for larger prints. That’s a concept just about anyone with a basic knowledge of photography can understand. The benefits of a medium format digital camera,... Read more

The Best Gear for Real Estate Photography: 5 Favorites

The best cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories for your next real estate shoot
Photo of real estate photography
Real estate photographers looking for the best photo gear know they need their equipment to be three things: portable, adaptable, and affordable. The reason why is shooting real estate photos can present unique challenges for you as a photographer and for your gear, including cramped locations, bad lighting, and meager client budgets. You need to be... Read more

5 Reasons to Shoot with a Vintage View Camera Today

Using 4x5 sheet film offers a new perspective over digital
Photo of a view camera
As a working advertising photographer for many decades, it was a simple business decision to transition from film photography to digital photography. No one questions the speed, instant feedback, and yes, overall quality of digital images. So why would a photographer choose to go fully “retro” and shoot 4×5 sheet film with a vintage view camera?... Read more

Is Mirrorless Really the Future of Cameras?

Mirrorless cameras take over as DSLRs fade into the sunset
Photo of Canon R3 and Sony A1
I recently teamed up with my colleagues at Outdoor Photographer and Imaging Resource to discuss the future of cameras and, specifically, whether the era of the DSLR was coming to an end. The lively virtual roundtable discussion was precipitated by Sony discontinuing its final DSLR models earlier this year and the fact that there was only one new DSLR... Read more

5 Tempting Camera Gear Deals to Consider

Grab these deep photo discounts before they're gone
Photo of Nikon D610
Photo gear deals are everywhere now but finding the best bargains takes a bit of sleuthing. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked the five best camera deals out there right now. We often hunt around B&H Photo, Amazon, and other online retailers to find the best photo gear bargains and markdowns, but this week’s camera... Read more