Hi-Tech Studio: Top 5 Accessories For Motion

As you add motion to your repertoire, these are essential additions to your kit

If you recently purchased your first DSLR with HD video capability and you’re starting to experiment with motion capture and even narrative filmmaking, we have some advice on critical accessories to add to your bag. These are accessories that you’re probably not too familiar with; as a pro photographer, you know all about the benefits of... Read more

DSLRS For The Minimalist

Dig into the lower-priced, but highly capable cameras that are available, and you may find that they fit your style and workflow.

At DPP, we’ve had the same discussion ever since the magazine started. We’ve asked the fundamental question: What makes a camera a pro camera? What if you could get a DSLR with a 4.5-megapixel APS-C sensor, an ISO range of 200-1600 and a three-second startup time at a cost of about $6,500? How about a camera with an 18.7-megapixel APS-C... Read more

The Truth About HD DSLRS

The latest pro DSLRs boast incredible photo and HD video capabilities. But are they really the best choice for both still and motion?

It’s safe to say that since HD video entered the DSLR arena, no other feature has garnered as much attention from both photographers and videographers, or seen as much improvement in quality and control. Now, if you’re a pro photographer looking to shoot an award-winning video or merely looking to add HD video recording to your services... Read more

Camera Tech You Need To Know About

Pro DSLRs provide a lot of vital features, many of which have been around since film days

Camera Tech You Need To Know About
The new pellicle mirror system in the Sony SLT-A55 is fundamentally different from previous pellicle designs. Pro DSLRs provide a lot of vital features, many of which have been around since film days: quick, accurate autofocusing; multi-area metering (plus centerweighted and spot, when desired); rapid shooting rates; rugged, well-sealed bodies; excellent... Read more