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The 5 Best Cameras for Both Photos and Video in 2022

Hybrid shooters offer the best of both worlds

Nikon Z6 II ($1996)

Photo of Nikon Z6 II

“The 24MP-powered Nikon Z6 II is a hybrid-focused full-frame mirrorless camera built for enthusiasts and professionals. This second-gen model fixes some of the shortcomings of the first model, adding a second processor for better performance, dual card slots and more video features. On the video side, the Z6 II now offers 4K up to 60fps. 4K 60p video is cropped however, not utilizing the full width of the full-frame sensor. However, 4K 30p video can be recorded in full-width (FX) or crop (DX) modes. The Z6 II also has higher-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 and N-Log recording out through HDMI. Further, the Z6 II has other nice video amenities, such as support for Face and Eye AF tracking in video, Full HD video up to 120p, in-camera slow-mo, HLG video and more.”

Check the price and availability of the Nikon Z6 II: Adorama | Amazon | B&H

Sony A7C ($1798)

Photo of Sony A7C

“The Sony A7C uses the same 24MP sensor as in the A7 III, which delivers excellent image quality at a wide range of ISOs. It also has the same versatile AF system, though with newer algorithms from the A7S III. For stills, the A7C is a powerful yet compact camera that’s well suited for a variety of subjects, especially those where portability is key. On the video side, the A7C offers 4K at up to 30p using full pixel readout and offers unlimited recording time (given temperature limits and card capacity, of course). The camera also includes S-Log3/2 for better editing flexibility and HLG/HDR video. Real-time Tracking and Eye AF work in video modes, as well, and the A7C features in-body image stabilization for great handheld shooting.

Check the price and availability of the Sony A7C: Adorama | Amazon | B&H

Sony A7 IV ($2499)

Photo of A7 IV

“The new 33MP in the Sony A7 IV captures fantastic photos with lots of fine detail, good dynamic range, and excellent higher ISO performance. And when it comes to video, the A7 IV is packed with features, as well. The camera can shoot 4K 60p in a crop (Super 35) mode, 4K 30p at full sensor width, and Full HD at up to 120p slow motion. There’s also S-Log3 support, 10-bit and 8-bit recording internally, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording, and no recording time limit. Real-time Tracking AF and Eye AF work for both stills and video. There’s in-body image stabilization, as well as new video features such as Breathing Compensation to help reduce focus breathing issues with certain lenses. The camera also has built-in live-streaming support through USB.”

Check the price and availability of the Sony A7C: Adorama | Amazon | B&H

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