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The 7 Best Cameras of 2022, According to EISA

Annual awards pick top photo gear of the year
Photo of the best cameras of 2022

There are a lot of opinions on what are the best cameras of 2022 (so far) and now EISA, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, has weighed in with its annual awards of the best photography gear of 2022. EISA has chosen a variety of photo products for its awards, including everything from best camera overall to best pro camera to best camera for photo/video.

We’ve whittled down their elite list to the seven best cameras of 2022 in the gallery below. These types of photo industry awards may not appeal to everyone but speaking as someone who served as a judge for the EISA awards in the past, I can attest to the rigorous evaluation process that EISA puts these products through before selecting the best cameras of the year.

EISA is the world’s largest collection of magazines and websites focusing on consumer electronics. To win an EISA award, photo products under consideration go through a thorough multi-step judging process. You can see the full list of 2022 Photography Awards with accompanying write-ups on EISA’s website.

To see EISA’s picks for seven of the best cameras of 2022, scroll below. We’ve also included links to where you can purchase this exceptional photo gear below each write-up. You can see EISA’s choices for the best cameras and lenses of 2021 here.


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