George Tiedemann

George Tiedemann

On Photography

What turns you on creatively?
Working with editors who have creative input and inspirational feedback.

What turns you off creatively?
Overanxious PR people, representing NASCAR drivers, who constantly get in the way of good pictures.

What’s your dream photo assignment?
Covering the Olympic Games in Athens. It was a dream come true. To have had the privilege of going to Olympia and photographing athletic competition on the very ground that hosted the original Olympic competition over 2,500 years ago was a very special honor.

If you could have dinner with an artist from any era, who would it be?
David Douglas Duncan. First, because he’s a fellow Marine and, second, because he’s one of the world’s greatest photojournalists.

What’s your favorite photograph not taken by you?
I really can’t say that I have a favorite photograph. My appreciation of memorable photographs is too broad to single out any one image. The wonderful thing about photography is that great images just keep coming!

What’s your favorite camera feature?
The shutter button because without that, nothing else matters. That button sets off the full range of technology inside the camera, from the 3D Matrix Metering System to the pinpoint autofocus that I rely on to keep fast action tack-sharp. I’ve been using Nikons since 1966, and if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s the placement of that shutter button. I know exactly where to find it and how to squeeze it.

What’s your favorite Nikon product, and how does it help you create better pictures or help you compete as a professional photographer?
The D3 is without a doubt the most exciting camera I’ve ever used. The high ISO quality allows me to shoot things at night that I could only dream about before. Using my D2X, I thought 7 frames per second was real fast, so when I heard the D3 was 9 frames per second, I said to myself, “What’s 2 more frames per second?” Well, those 2 more fps do make a difference—the D3 is really, really fast! I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another Nikon, but then that’s what I said when I got my D2X. The D series cameras just keep getting better and better.

Nikon D3

  • Superior image quality with a 23.9 x 36mm 12.1 MP FX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED digital image-processing system providing dramatic reduction of noise at higher ISOs
  • Extraordinarily fast continuous shooting of up to 9 fps at full resolution and 11 fps with DX cropping mode for fast-moving subjects
  • Broad tonal range and depth of images from ISO 200 up to ISO 6400; ISO levels can be expanded with built-in options of Lo1, Hi1 or Hi2, providing the equivalent of ISO 100 all the way up to 25,600
  • LiveView 3-inch VGA LCD monitor with two advanced Shooting Modes (Handheld and Tripod)

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