Great Photos Start with Great Equipment

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9 New D-SLRs:
Hot 2008 models add high-tech features for less money.
By Mike Stensvold

Accessories To Choose And Use
Filters, field storage, tripods, cleaning kits and more—the essential items for a digital photographer
By Harlon Mitchell

Big Storage:
Give your photo library some elbow room with high-capacity external hard drives.
By Dave Willis

Building A Pro Workstation:
What to consider when upgrading your Macintosh or Windows hardware.
By Jon Canfield and Tim Grey

Digital Projectors
By Maura C. Lanahan

D-SLRs For The Landscape:
Choose the best camera for your landscape photography.
By The Editors

GADGET BAG: Have Tripod, Will Travel
Take along a tripod when away from home to ensure sharp photographs.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

GADGET BAG: The Long View
Compact super-zoom cameras offer tremendous telephotos in portable packages.
By William Sawalich

GADGET BAG: Multimedia Storage Viewers
Back up and review your images in the field with handheld media devices.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

GADGET BAG: The State Of Memory Cards
Storing images in your digital camera has never been faster or cheaper. We’ll take you through the current selection of cards and options.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

Get The Most From Your Batteries:
Don’t run out of power before you run out of pictures.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

Why this technology is a must-have addition to a photographer’s bag.
By Harlon Mitchell

Guide to Inkjet Printers:
What you need to know about photo printers today.
By Mike Stensvold

The Handheld Meter:
Far from becoming obsolete, handheld exposure meters are at least as useful in the digital age as they are for film photography.
By Charles Glatzer

Hi-Tech Studio: The Case for a Light Meter
There’s no substitute for getting the right exposure, and there’s no better tool for that than a precision handheld meter.
By Alex Calhoun

Hi-Tech Studio: Monolights
Having tools that let you take your studio on the road can open the door to more and better-paying jobs.

Hi-Tech Studio: Portable Hard Drives
Take copies of your most important files wherever you go, with the peace of mind that only redundant data provides.
By Jon Sienkiewicz

GADGET BAG: Memory Cards
What you need to know about digital camera storage media.
By Mike Stensvold

New Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Advances Flash Technology:
Nikon’s Newest Flagship Speedlight Offers a Powerful Addition to Nikon CLS.
By Staff

The Really Wide View:
Panoramas are hot with a lot of clients right now, but shooting them well takes specialized skill and attention to detail.
By Robert Hawk

The Right Tool For The Job:
Graphics tablets offer superior control for precise image adjustments.
By Ibarionex Perello

Securable Memory Cards:
LockTight technology has some interesting possibilities for ramifications and professional photographers.
By Christopher Robinson

Sensors Exposed:
More than just megapixels—what you need to know about your digital camera’s core component.
By Mike Stensvold

Sigma DP1:
A compact digital camera with the sensor—and sensibility—of a D-SLR.
By The Editors

Small-Format Wide-Angle Zooms:
You don’t need a “full-frame”-sensor D-SLR to do wide-angle photography.
By Mike Stensvold

Toolbox: D-SLR Camera Bags
Travel light with one of these distinctive bags designed for mobility.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

Toolbox: Flash
Enlighten your photography with the illumination of accessory flash.
By Dave Willis

Toolbox: Photo Filters
They may seem like old tech for the digital photographer, but traditional photo filters are still important photography tools.
By Dave Willis

Toolbox: Tripods
Give your camera the support it needs for the sharpest shots possible.
By The Editors

Ultimate Systems:
Speed through digital darkroom work with these powerful computers.
By Wes Pitts

Working In A Flash:
Portable strobes offer power and versatility for photography in the field.
By Ibarionex R. Perello

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