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From remote triggering to time lapse, hähnel makes a range of tools to help you capture rare and dramatic images. Scroll down to discover all of the solutions!

Inspire LiveView Remote Controlhähnel Inspire LiveView
Remote Control

Get Great Shots From The Danger Zone!

The hähnel Inspire LiveView Remote Control is ideal for sports, wildlife and photography in the danger zone. It’s much more than a basic remote trigger. The Inspire is a handheld device with a full-color, 3.5-inch screen that displays the LiveView image directly from the camera. The Inspire has a range up to 200 feet and can control up to four DSLRs on separate channels. Because you’re seeing the LiveView image, you can trip the shutter at EXACTLY the right time to catch the decisive moment. If your DSLR doesn’t have LiveView capability, the receiver unit mounted on the DSLR has a built-in CMOS camera that will transmit an image of the scene.

Key Features:

  • Bright, crisp 3.5-inch LCD displays real-time LiveView image from your DSLR
  • Built-in CMOS camera on the transmitter mounted to your DSLR transmits a real-time image
  • Works with DSLRs that don’t have LiveView
  • Easily switch between your DSLR’s LiveView and the Inspire transmitter’s built-in CMOS camera view
  • Play back and review your images remotely
  • Control up to four DSLRs with one Inspire
  • Available for Canon & Nikon DSLRs

Learn more about the hähnel Inspire LiveView Remote Control, including detailed videos on how it works and how to set it up. Click here.

Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer Remote Controlhähnel Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer
Remote Control

Make A Hi-Res Time Lapse Video!

Time lapse videos connect with people on an emotional level because they reveal the world in a way that is otherwise invisible. With the hähnel Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer Remote Control, you can set your DSLR to shoot on an interval timer to create your own high-resolution time lapse videos. The Giga T Pro II is a fully functional remote trigger, but its intervalometer work is where it really shines. The Giga T Pro II can be programmed to shoot a set of exposures in a selected interval and then it can be programmed to repeat that program on a specific interval as well. For example, you can set up for a Northern Lights time lapse, set the Giga T Pro II to shoot 720 frames at 15-second intervals (that would give you a 30-second time lapse at 24 frames per seconds) and then have the Giga T Pro II repeat the sequence every hour on the hour all night.

Key Features:

  • Transmitter On/Off Button saves battery power.
  • Repeat Mode for interval shooting.
  • Dual program loops so you can set an interval sequence, then program the remote to repeat that sequence up to 99 times
  • Can be used as a short cable shutter release

To see more on the hähnel Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer Remote Control, click here.

Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Triggerhähnel Combi TF Remote Control and Flash Trigger
Every Pro Needs A Wireless Remote!

Make your most complex lighting setups fire without a hitch with a hähnel Combi TF Remote Control and Flash Trigger. When you’re using multiple flash units on a set, you can’t afford to have misfires. You can fire several portable flash units or large studio strobes wirelessly with the Combi TF Remote Control. The system also can be set up to fire your DSLR remotely. Sports and wildlife photographers in particular have made use of remote triggers for years. Wedding and event shooters can make use of the Combi TF Remote Control by setting up a remote camera to capture a dynamic shot from a special vantage point.

Key Features:

  • Wireless control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2.4 GHz frequency can be used worldwide
  • Can be set up as a camera remote or a flash trigger
  • Built-in four-second timer delay

To find out more about the hähnel Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Trigger, check it out here.

HW 433 Wireless Professional Remote Controlhähnel HW 433 Wireless Professional Remote Control
Shoot Through Walls!

Thanks to a 433 MHz UHF radio frequency, the hähnel HW 433 Wireless Professional Remote Control can trigger your camera from a distance up to 262 feet away with complete freedom from line of sight. You can set up your camera in difficult spots with confidence knowing that the shutter will fire when you want it to, even if it’s behind a wall.

Key Features:

  • Transmission through walls and floors
  • Four digit code selector switch built into the transmitter and receiver to protect against interference
  • Lock-in function for continuous shutter release
  • Interchangeable camera connectors for all DSLRs wihin one camera brand

To see if your cameras are compatible with the hähnel HW 433 Wireless Professional Remote Control, click here.

Cable Remote Shutter Releasehähnel Cable Remote
Shutter Release

A Simple But Indispensible Accessory

Get out from behind the camera and trigger the shutter without shaking it with a hähnel Cable Remote Shutter Release. With this simple cable release, you can have a more relaxed and comfortable rapport with portrait subjects while tripping the shutter unobtrusively. Also, at slower shutter speeds, pressing the shutter button can introduce a slight blur to the shot. Using this cable release prevents the shake and ensures sharp shots.

Key Features:

  • Simple
  • Inexpensive
  • Prevents camera shake at slow shutter speeds
  • Gets you out from behind the camera

Find out more about the hähnel Cable Remote Shutter Release by clicking here.

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