Laura Bello

Story Behind the Shot: Model Julia Icone, Makeup Artist Amanda Marsala and I have worked together on numerous occasions in the past. In April 2014 we wanted to stretch our creative muscles and do some close up beauty work for our portfolios. We decided to focus on warm toned couture makeup and keep the rest of the image very clean without any other distracting elements. I chose to work with very dramatic lighting to compliment the makeup and model. I also worked to retouch the image in a nearly pristine fashion, which is a look I love. I feel in the end everything tied together to create that look of perfection that’s associated with beauty photography.  

Equipment: Nikon D90, AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D lens, LumoPro LP160 flash, Adoram 21″ beauty dish, Wacom Intous 3 9×12 Tablet

Laura Bello

Laura has been a self-taught photographer for three years with a focus in fashion and beauty. Originally pursuing painting and digital art, she later switched to photography while still working to hold on to her creative roots. Laura loves vibrant colors, creative concepts, vintage styles, alternative looks, and drawing inspiration from all different forms of art.

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