The Revolution Will Be Photographs

The future of photograph’s so bright, I have to wear neutral density filters
The Revolution Will Be Photographs
I’ve always been a fan of technology; in fact I’ve made my entire career out of it. I owe my fascination with gadgets and gear to my father, a commercial photographer who surrounded me with camera gear at an early age. In 1979, when I was nine, my father took me to a brand-new entity—the computer store—and bought me an Apple ][+ computer. While... Read more

The Great Outdoors

Give me a sunset over a studio any day

As I sit down to write the last pages of this issue, it’s early March, yet for some reason, the weather in New York State is more like summer. Today’s high of 82 degrees is higher than the previous record set in 2000 by more than 14 degrees. Flowers are blooming, birds are tweeting, and the sky is a deep and lovely blue. It may not be summer, but... Read more

The Re-Dawning Of The Age Of Monochrome

Black-and-white is the heart and soul of photography—even today

In many ways, it’s a shame that color photography was invented. Those of us who grew up in an era of chemical darkrooms still remember the visceral joy of watching a print develop in a bath of liquid, affirming—or, more often than not, shattering—our feeling that we had “gotten the shot.” For all the instant gratification that photography... Read more

The Silent Majority

There are more women in photography than ever, and that’s a great thing

Beginning with this issue, the “Misinformation” column changes its name to “Looking Forward,” a shift that we hope will signify our positive and enthusiastic outlook for the future of photography and for the changing trends and practices that shape it. The column will also act as a springboard to the next issue, as we talk about a facet of the... Read more

Printer Tech

Printing, and knowing how to do it well, is a must-have skill that allows photographers to see the strengths and weaknesses of their images

I spend a lot of my time talking to photographers and to representatives of the photo industry about trends, technology and workflow. When it comes to the subject of printing, one thing that surprises me is the disconnect between many photographers I speak with and the companies I work with that create gear. For the photographers who cut their teeth... Read more

Camera Tech

Camera development is as robust as ever, maybe even more than in the past

As we were putting this issue to bed, a familiar argument in the photography market was starting to resurface, thanks to the announcements from Canon that they had managed to create a 250-megapixel sensor on a chip just slightly larger than APS-C, and that they have plans to release a 120-megapixel DSLR and a 8K cinema camera in the future. Within... Read more

Camera Tech

Disruptive technology is about to give photographers more camera choices than ever, and that’s a good thing

The brilliant podcast "99% Invisible" recently took a look at the future of the automated car and the two schools of thought behind the development of self-driving vehicles. Self-driving cars are what’s called a disruptive technology. That’s the term for anything that comes along and radically changes how we live or work with a... Read more

Camera Tech

There is no ideal camera

As a professional photographer, you’re sure to get the following question from friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends, Facebook friends…you get the picture. The question is, "What’s the best camera?" The simple answer is that there is no best camera. The right camera is the one that can do what you need. A sports... Read more

Camera Tech

The Drone Wars

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have been increasing in popularity among photographers and videographers for the past few years. In 2015, we’re poised for a dramatic upswing because two things are happening. First, there are more manufacturers with high-quality imaging solutions coming online and, second, the drones are becoming much easier... Read more

Business Tech

The storage wars are heating up

A web presence is an absolute necessity if you’re an imaging professional, and now that these last few years have seen a revolution in online and cloud storage, it only makes sense that a number of services are beginning to offer huge amounts of capacity at negligible, and even free, price points. Comparatively, there are a few important differences... Read more