Mallory Morrison

Mallory Morrison is emerging as a fashion photographer with a vision for the 21st century

Photography By Mallory Morrison

When you speak with Mallory Morrison, her enthusiasm for photography is palpable. The recent graduate from Brooks Institute stands ready to embark on a rewarding career as a professional photographer who will be leading the vanguard of image-makers in the 21st century.

At Brooks Institute, Morrison honed the key tools that any photographer needs to make it in this competitive and rapidly evolving field. Namely, she developed her visual style, and at the same time, she learned about the business side of photography and how to make that work, and built a network of future colleagues and connections. Morrison says, “The Brooks Institute instructors were always approachable. I would go to office hours a lot to build on what they teach in the class. That helped me integrate what I was learning with my vision.”

Brooks Institute brought out something that Morrison didn’t know she had in her. She became a leader in her class groups, and her fellow students took to calling her The Captain when she worked on group projects.

As her creative talents and vision forged ahead at Brooks Institute, Morrison also took a number of business classes. What often separates the successful professional photographer from those who can’t make a living is knowing how to run a successful business. Brooks Institute trains their students to develop necessary skills, and the business aspect is a key component of the curriculum.

The camaraderie Morrison built with her fellow students led to more than just deep friendships. “We aren’t just friends for life,” she says. “We’re colleagues who will help get each other jobs down the line. It’s like we had a boot-camp experience together, and now we want to help each other succeed.” Having such a powerful built-in network is one of the most important components of the Brooks Institute experience.

As Morrison moves on from Brooks Institute, the future is bright and full of opportunities. She has established herself as a talented visual artist, and she has the business tools and a support in place to launch her on her career.

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