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Canon Showcases Pioneering Photographers with Legends Program

Group expands to 18 photographers and will begin selling NFTs of their work
Photo of the Canon Legends

If you’re a regular Digital Photo Pro reader, you likely already know about the Canon Legends program. Featuring pioneering photographers who were former members of Canon’s Explorers of Light program, the Canon Legends are regular contributors to Digital Photo Pro’s popular Legendary Photos series.

In Legendary Photos, these renowned photographers share the stories behind some of their most iconic photos. You can see past Legendary Photos on Peter Read Miller here, Sam Abell here, Gregory Heisler here,  Ryszard Horowitz here, on Art Wolfe here, on Walter Iooss Jr. here, and on David Hume Kennerly here.

Now Canon is launching a new Canon Legends website featuring members of the program. Canon has also expanded the number of Canon Legends to 18. Here’s a list of the current class of Canon Legends:

Sam Abell
Harry Benson
Barbara Bordnick
Lauren Greenfield
Gregory Heisler
Ryszard Horowitz
Walter Iooss, Jr.
Douglas Kirkland
Parish Kohanim
David Kennerly
George Lepp
Duane Michals
Peter Read
Chris Rainier
Denis Reggie
Melvin Sokolsky
Joyce Tenneson
Art Wolfe

“All members of the Canon Legends program are former Canon Explorers of Light and were invited to join the program through a nomination committee comprised of Canon management and other photo industry experts,” Canon said. “Each year, the committee will review the list of former Explorers of Light and nominate new members at its discretion.”

Canon also announced that several members of the Canon Legends program have partnered with Immutable Image to create NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) from some their photos and publish them as a collective. “The Legends Mint,” as it will be called, will be available on OpenSea, one of the largest peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces in the world on June 30, 2022.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout next week for our next edition of Legendary Photos featuring the work and words of Harry Benson.

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