Canon’s Tales By Light

Canon Tales of Light

From Canon Australia comes a breathtaking new doc-style TV series, following five of the world’s master photographers as they explore little-known corners of the globe. Art Wolfe (frequent contributor to our sister publication Outdoor Photographer, Darren Jew, Krystle Wright, Richard I’Anson and Peter Eastway turn their lenses on cultures, landscapes and wildlife in their unique quests to bring us stories that depict our world in a new light.

Much like some of the photographers we cover in our upcoming January/February 2017 Storytelling issue, we learn about the preparation and the challenges, and the exhilaration, in capturing the perfect image.

The first season of the six-part television series was produced by Canon Australia and shot in 4K resolution by award-winning cinematographer Abraham Joffe in 15 countries over a single year.

Learn more at Canon Australia, and view the trailer below.

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