Control Lightroom With The Loupedeck Control Console


Normally, we don’t cover Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns for photography equipment. Generally speaking, you never know if a cool product is actually going to come to market. There are quite a few failures to launch in the Kickstarter world.

That said, the idea of Loupedeck is interesting enough that what we’re taking a look at here isn’t so much the campaign to fund it, but rather what the product is attempting to accomplish.

To start, we know that MIDI controllers already exist and that people have customized them to allow for Lightroom editing. We also know about the Pfixer from Pusher Labs that attaches to Behringer BCF-2000 controllers. It should be noted that the Pfixer is only compatible with Apple computers.

What we like about Loupedeck is that it is compatible with both PCs and Apple computers. Also, it doesn’t appear to require attachments to other devices to work.

How it works is it assigns Lightroom adjustments and tools to various switches, dials and knobs on a dedicated control console. Based on its specs, it appears to be about the same size as a full-size keyboard, though far heavier at 2.2 pounds.

The device has dedicated buttons and sliders for contrast, navigation, undo, highlights and more.

It’s something of a replacement for all of those keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that we’ve ingrained over the years.

The device is being developed by a small team from Finland, who have been working on it for the last three years.

Currently, the Indiegogo campaign is fully funded with about a month left to go before the funding period ends. For our U.S. readers, getting one through the campaign will cost about $249 plus shipping.

To be fair, like any crowdfunded product, all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It may not ship and if it does, the final product may not be what the campaign is promising. However, we like the idea of a dedicated software controller enough that keeping an eye on is it worth it.

What about you? Is this something you see as potentially helpful or a hinderance to your workflow?

Check out some technical specifications images below.



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