Entaniya 250 MFT Fisheye Lens Features 250-Degree FOV

Entaniya 250 MFT Fisheye Lenses

Japanese manufacturer, Entapano, is more known for their VR lens accessories, but their newest lenses are Entaniya 250 MFT Fisheye Lenses for micro four thirds cameras. What’s interesting about their new Entaniya Fisheye 250 MFT lenses is their huge field of view.

The field of view size is quite impressive and Entapano isn’t getting too far away from their VR roots as the lenses are supposed to be very suitable for VR content.

The lens line comes in three varieties; 2.3mm f2.8, 3.0mm F2.8 and 3.6mm F4.0.

Entaniya 250 MFT Fisheye Lenses
Sample image taken using an Olympus PEN-F, from Entapano’s website.

Other than the lengths, all three feature 18 elements in 12 groups with four extra-low dispersion lenses.

It’s not clear what cameras this lens will be compatible with, though Entapano uses Olympus cameras in all of their sample images.

According to Entapano, the lens is still under development but they expect to release it this year. The estimated price is 388,000 yen, or about $3700. Entapano says that the Entaniya lenses will release sometime before “the end of 2016.”

Check out more details at their website.

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