First Schneider Kreuznach ‘Blue Ring’ Lenses Announced By Phase One

Schneider Kreuznach 'Blue Ring' Lenses

Phase One’s two new Schneider Kreuznach ‘Blue Ring’ lenses are designed for the XF system (that of the 50 and 100MP cameras). The Blue Rings are the first zoom lenses in the series. The new lenses are the Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mm LS F4.0-5.6 and the Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm LS F4.0-5.6. Both are optimized for Phase One’s full frame (53.7 x 40.4mm) medium format system.


COPENHAGEN, July 18, 2016 – Phase One, creator of the world’s finest open-platform high-end camera systems and professional imaging software, today added two new Schneider Kreuznach lenses to its comprehensive family of lenses. These two Blue Ring zoom lenses feature impressive front glass elements, with front lens diameters of 63mm and 65mm respectively, delivering edge-to-edge coverage of full frame 645 format. Used on a Phase One XF 100MP system, the lenses are able to take full advantage of the sensor’s resolution; a 100MP capture renders a 100MP image with breathtaking fidelity.

— The Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mm LS f/4.0-5.6 Zoom lens renders ultra sharp resolution on all zoom distances from wide to normal focal length;

— The Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm LS f/4.0-5.6 Zoom lens delivers great versatility. It’s preferred for on-location fashion shoots, with a range from normal to telephoto.

Together, these two lenses comprise an effective zoom range from 40mm to 150mm. Each lens is equipped with a zoom lock function on its barrel and is designed to maintain focus position while zooming. They each support flash synchronization up to 1/1600s. The new built-in electronics permit individual focus calibration when used with the Phase One XF Camera System.

“Creating optics this large with such tight tolerances is quite an achievement, “said Espen Beck, Phase One Senior Product Manager. “A Phase One full frame 100MP medium format sensor is 1.5 times larger than the cropped size 50MP medium format and 2.5 times larger than sensors found in high-end 35mm DSLRs. Capturing the full resolution of a square sensor this size with a round lens and avoiding crop means that the entire lens must be larger, which requires larger movements of individual lens elements while meeting the requisite standards for speed and precision.

“Schneider Kreuznach lenses are designed to deliver the ultimate analogue input to be shaped and refined with the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and Capture One software. This design also benefits the Phase One XF 50MP system, which can exploit the ‘sweet spot’ of the lens, producing impeccable results.”

Designed by Schneider Kreuznach and produced by Phase One Japan, Schneider Kreuznach “Blue Ring” zoom lenses are refined with robust, aerial-grade mechanics and manufactured to meet Phase One’s highest quality assurance standards. Their enhanced precision, mechanical build, and look and feel complement the Phase One XF Camera System design.

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There will be a hands-on Webinar demonstration of the lenses on Tuesday, July 19.

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Availability and Pricing

The two new Blue Ring Zoom lenses are available to order now. They are compatible with the Phase One XF, Phase One 645DF+ and Mamiya 645DF+ or DF camera systems.

The Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm LS f/4.0–5.6 Zoom is shipping now. Manufacturer suggested retail price: 5.490 EUR / 5,990 USD

The Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mmLS f/4.0–5.6 Zoom is expected to ship by August 1, 2016. Manufacturer suggested retail price: 7.990 EUR / 8,990 USD

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