Fotodiox Announces Full Automatic Nikon To Sony E Adapter

Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF

Fotodiox, a photography accessory manufacturer, has a new adapter that enables Nikon lenses to utilize their full range of automatic functions when mounted on a Sony E-mount camera.

The Fusion Smart AF adapter works with Nikon G AF-I and AF-S lenses. Some of the automatic functions it enables include autofocus and the ability to automatically stop down the lens and trigger vibration reduction in lenses that have that feature.

According to Fotodiox, the adapter works best with newer Sony camera bodies that have Sony’s latest phase detection autofocusing system. This includes cameras like the a7R II. Apparently, it will still work cameras that use contrast detection but Fotodiox says that the autofocus is much slower.

The adapter costs $370.

For more details check out the press release below.


Fotodiox Pro Announces Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter for Full Function Control

Fotodiox Pro, creator and distributor of several lines of specialty solutions for videography, cinematography and photography, has announced their new Nikon to Sony FUSION Lens Adapter. Available now on, the Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter allows photographers to mount Nikon lenses onto Sony cameras and maintain electronic communication between the two, delivering decades of legendary Nikon imaging expertise to the hands of full frame or APS-C Sony E-Mount camera users.

“The Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter is truly the first of its kind, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our customers,” said Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox Pro. “What makes it such a breakthrough is the presence of FUSION Drive – a built-in motor that physically moves the lens’ internal aperture control lever. Nikon lenses are notorious for maintaining mechanical aperture control while many other functions are electronic, but FUSION Drive, which we built for the very first time for this Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter, solves that issue.”

By installing the Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter on a full frame or APS-C Sony E-Mount camera, Nikon AF-I and AF-S lenses gain auto-focus, full aperture control for Auto / Aperture Priority / Program AE modes, EXIF data transmission (on compatible models) and image stabilization (on compatible models). The Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter is also compatible with fully manual vintage Nikon F lenses as a manual adapter.

Photographers are advised that the FUSION Adapter is designed to work best with newer Sony cameras that have “Phase Detection Auto Focus”, such as Sony a7, a7II, a7rII, a6000, a6300 and a6500 cameras. The Nikon to Sony FUSION Adapter’s performance will be significantly slower with older Sony cameras that rely solely on “Contrast Detection Auto Focus”.

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