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Fujifilm Announces 102MP GFX100S: A Light and Portable Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm's svelte new medium format camera goes on sale in March 2021 for $5999
Photo of Fujifilm GFX100S

The “S” stands for svelte with the new Fujifilm GFX100S, a 102-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera that’s dramatically smaller and lighter than its two-year-old predecessor. With the just announced GFX100S, Fujifilm has crammed most of the features of the GFX100 from 2019 into a camera that weighs just under two pounds and is approximately the size of some full frame mirrorless models.

The Fujifilm GFX100S will also come with a competitive price when it goes on sale in March 2021: $5999. In contrast, the older GFX100 is currently retailing for just under $10K.

Make no mistake though, the Fujifilm GFX100S is a medium format camera that harnesses the power of a 43.8 x 32.9mm image sensor 1.7 times larger than full frame. And, of course, with a 102MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the GFX100S offers significantly more resolution than most full frame cameras.

Photo of Fujifilm GFX100S rear

Other key features of the new Fujifilm GFX100S include in-body image stabilization (IBIS) offering six-stops of vibration reduction; five frames per second continuous shooting; 100% phase detection autofocus down to -5.5EV of luminance; an ISO range of 100-102,500 for low light shooting; and the power of Fujifilm’s X processor 4 that allows the camera to shoot non-cropped 4K video at 30p.

Though it doesn’t have the extended, battery grip design of the GFX100 (which will remain in Fujifilm’s line, we’re told), the GFX100S uses a new NP-W235 battery that’s rated at 460 frames per charge, which is 60 frames more than the older camera’s battery. And while the GFX100S is 2.3 inches shorter than its predecessor and 1.1 pounds lighter, it has a pronounced grip that should make it easy to hold (we haven’t actually had it in hand but look forward to trying it out) for extended shoots.

The GFX100S’ camera body is made of magnesium alloy that Fujifilm says is 1mm denser around the lens mount compared to the previous model, which is designed to provide added support for larger G Mount lenses. The GFX100S will be able to operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F (-10 degrees C) and is dust and moisture resistant, Fujifilm said.

Photo of Fujifilm GFX100S top

The main headline about the Fujifilm GFX100S, however, is its unique small size for a medium format camera. Measuring 5.9 inches wide by 4.09 inches tall and 3.4 inches deep, the camera achieves some of its svelteness by using an IBIS mechanism that’s 20% smaller and 10% lighter than the one in the GFX100, while offering a 0.5-stop improvement in vibration reduction. The GFX100S also has a new smaller shutter but uses a fixed electronic viewfinder (EVF), rather than an interchangeable EVF as is used on the GFX100.

Yes, there are smaller cameras in Fujifilm’s GFX line – namely the GFX 50S and GFX 50R – but those models feature 50MP imaging chips, which are less than half the resolution of the new GFX100S. With the new GFX100S, Fujifilm is clearly targeting photographers beyond the traditional studio medium format shooter. Thanks to its small size and light weight, we could see the GFX100S appealing to portrait photographers who work outdoors, landscape photographers, and even travel shooters.

The Fujifilm GFX100S is slated to go on sale in March 2021 for $5,999.95 USD and $7,800 CDN. An optional metal hand grip accessory for the GFX100S will also go on sale in March 2021 for $149 USD and $195 CDN. More info on Fujifilm’s product page. Fujifilm has a funny new commercial to promote the GFX100S, which you can see here.

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