Glow Portable Butterfly Light Modifier Collapsible Kit Now Available

New York, NY – March 16, 2016 – Glow, the award-winning brand of high quality light modifiers for professional photography and video production, has just announced the availability of the Glow 8×8’ Portable Butterfly Light Modifier Collapsible Kit, only available at Adorama. The butterfly scrim kit is a versatile solution for both still photographers and videographers alike, and can be used as a light modifier, backdrop, or greenscreen with its interchangeable 8×8 screens. The Glow Butterfly Light Modifier is now available from Adorama for 399.95 USD (regularly 499.95 USD).

The Glow Butterfly scrim’s square frame consists of a lightweight 1-inch square anodized aluminum hollow frame with hinged joints and eight locking points. Its main diffusion material is a silk-like cloth that is easily bungeed tautly to the frame through eyelets. The perfectly translucent material can transform any light source, no matter how harsh, into a soft, natural and pleasing glow.

It can also be replaced with the included solid black light-absorbing fabric for background or light cutting use in portraiture, or with the solid green cloth for digital background substitution in both still and video situations. It is easily collapsible for transportation and storage and comes with its own zippered bag. A separate carry case is also included to hold all three fabrics.

For best results, the Butterfly Light Modifier should be supported by C Stands, such as theFlashpoint 10’ C Light Stand, secured with its two included C Stand Adapter Brackets. This allows the Butterfly the stability to reduce sunlight intensity during filming or photography. It also gives users the option to manipulate the light source even more for dramatic effect.

Pricing and Availability
The Butterfly Light Modifier is now available from Adorama for 399.95 USD (regularly 499.95 USD). For more information and to order, visit

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