Hasselblad XPan Lens Adapter For X System Announced

Hasselblad, XPan

Hasselblad has announced the XPan Lens Adapter, allowing photographers to use their legacy XPan lenses with the X1D medium-format mirrorless camera. Read Digital Photo Pro’s recent review of the Hasselblad X1D-50c. The supported lenses, which Hasselblad no longer manufactures or sells, are the XPan 30mm ƒ/5.6, the 45mm ƒ/4 and the 90mm ƒ/4. The XPan lenses were introduced in 1998.


Hasselblad, XPan

Hasselblad, XPan

Compact and lightweight, the lens adapter weighs about 0.25 pounds, with a 73mm diameter. Hasselblad notes that it works seamlessly with the camera system, as the company says it’s committed to  bridging the gap between legacy gear photographers work with and new Hasselblad technology.

Hasselblad recommends that photographers download the recent Firmware 1.20 update. Future product announcements from the company are slated to include a V to X system adapter and an X1D dual battery charger.

Hasselblad, XPan

Available in mid-January 2018, the XPan Lens Adapter is priced at $179 (US). The accessory can be purchased from Hasselblad’s recently launched online store, which is open to customers in the U.S., China, Germany, France and the UK. The company also recently introduced its Rent A Hasselblad program, where photographers can rent select Hasselblad cameras and lenses online.

Get more details at hasselblad.com/x-system-accessories/xpan-lens-adapter

See the press release below:

Gothenburg, Sweden

20 Dec 2017


Hasselblad expands its range of accessories for the X System with the new XPan Lens Adapter, allowing photographers to use their legacy XPan lenses on the award-winning X System

The Hasselblad XPan lens series was released in 1998 and the new adapter bridges the iconic optics with the latest imaging capabilities from the mirrorless X1D system, just recently benchmarking the highest score by DxO Mark. The sleek new adapter is lightweight, compact, and works seamlessly into the setup.

“The original XPan lenses inspired us when we introduced the current X1D lenses,” said Ove Bengtsson – Product Manager. “The new XPan Lens Adapter speaks to two major aspects of Hasselblad, our drive to innovate and push medium format technology such as the X1D and also to our respect for the legacy equipment that many photographers still rely on to this day. This adapter is the merger of those ideas and that’s what makes this announcement so exciting.”

Customers utilizing the new XPan Lens Adapter first are advised to update their X1D to Firmware 1.20, launched on December 19, 2017. This update also includes a new Selectable Crop Mode that features the classic proportions of the XPan system. Hasselblad will continue to support its legacy and new products alike with plans to create a V to X system adapter and a dual battery charger for the X1D.

The XPan Adapter will be available in mid-January and will retail at €179 / US $179 / £159 / RMB ¥ 1,580 / JPY ¥ 21,999 incl. VAT.



Supported XPan lenses:

30mm f5,6

45mm f4

90mm f4

XPan Lens Adapter:

Diameter – 73mm

Height: – 21,4mm

Weight: – 112g

*XPan lenses are no longer manufactured nor sold by Hasselblad.


Founded in 1941, Hasselblad is the leading manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses. Made in Sweden, Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, uncompromising image quality and Swedish craftsmanship. For over half a century Hasselblad cameras have captured some of the world’s most iconic images – including the first landing on the moon – and helped shape the way we look at the world through genuine photographic artistry. Trusted by NASA and used by the greatest photographers in the world, Hasselblad continues to create products with uncompromising image quality that inspire.

The Hasselblad H Camera System with its professional lens family and unique advancements is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive digital camera system of its kind available today. Hasselblad was the first to launch the fully integrated medium format camera system incorporating the latest in CMOS sensor technology. In 2016 Hasselblad launched the H6D, a technological feat with an all new electronic platform, delivering superior craftsmanship and image quality. Later the same year, Hasselblad introduced the world’s first compact mirrorless digital medium format camera – the X1D. Hasselblad’s X1D sensor recently benchmarked the highest score in the history of DxO Mark’s independent testing.

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hasselblad is a global brand with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Shenzhen with distributors throughout the world.

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