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Hensel Introduces New Lighting Solutions

The Grand Mini 85 parabolic softbox is available for pre-order; the new Schönes Licht Lighting Kit, for under $1,000, is ready to order now
Hensel lighting solutions

The lighting pros at Hensel have introduced new products for photographers and other creatives—the Grand Mini 85 parabolic softbox, the latest addition to Hensel’s Grand softbox series, and the Schönes Licht Lighting Kit, priced at under $1,000.

Designed for location shooting (though it can be an excellent solution for studio photographers), the Grand Mini 85 measures 85cm (33.46 inches) in diameter and has a parabolic shape for even, bright light distribution. Made of a high-quality durable fabric, the Mini 85 sets up in seconds. Additional features include the use of inner and outer diffusers (included) and true color rendering. A deflector, foldable bounce discs and fabric honeycomb grids are available as optional accessories.

Priced at $398, the Grand Mini 85 is available now for pre-order and will be available in the Hensel online store in mid-November.

In Hensel’s Schönes Licht Lighting Kit—“schönes licht” translates to “beautiful light” in German—quality meets affordability in the $999.50 package. Designed for portrait photographers, the kit includes two Integra Mini 300 monolights, one Economy Radio transmitter/receiver set, one Integra Aluminum Stand (6.7 feet, air-cushioned), two Umbrella Flood Reflectors, two Economy Umbrellas (32 inches) and a Softbag VII “De Luxe” Wheeled Case.

Hensel lighting solutions
Hensel Schönes Licht Lighting Kit

Here’s a snapshot of Intergra Mini features:

  • Fast recycle time, up to five flashes per second
  • 6 ƒ-stop range, can go down as low as 9.5 Ws
  • Short flash duration at full power
  • 300w modeling light
  • Rugged construction, with all-metal housings
  • Compatible with all Hensel EH modifiers
  • Clear glass dome protect flash tube and subjects

The Schönes Licht Lighting Kit is available now.

Visit the Hensel USA website for more details.

See the press releases below:

Hensel Grand Mini 85

Hensel lighting solutions

Hensel lighting solutions

Hensel’s Sub $1,000 Lighting Kit

October 17, 2017 – Fairfield, NJ

These days a photographer’s first portraiture lighting kit is often a compromise between speedlights or entry level cheaply made strobes. Most would prefer to own a well-made, accurate, high-quality lighting kit but find these to be priced out of reach.

At just $999.50, less than the cost of about 2 decent Canon or Nikon speedlights, photographers can now own a Hensel lighting kit which provides four times more power and includes stands and accessories. Schönes Licht means Beautiful Light in German and our light kit provides just that; beautiful, simple to control lights with ample power, reliability, and durability, made in Germany.

Mark Astmann, Director of Hensel-USA said, “Schönes Licht is the perfect starter portraiture kit including umbrellas which provide smooth soft light and reflectors which help sculpt and focus the light. Hundreds of different portraiture looks can be achieved with the four modifiers included in this kit.”


The Integra Mini’s included in Hensel’s Schönes Licht Kit are often considered the best in their category.

Integra Mini Highlights

  • Fastest recycle times in their class at up to 5 flashes per second
  • Broadest power range (6 F-Stops) in their class and go down as low as 9.5 ws
  • Shortest flash duration at full power in their class
  • Most powerful modeling light (300w) in their class
  • All metal housings and rugged construction which provides uncompromised durability and longevity
  • Fastest modifier changing in the industry with Hensel’s EH Mount
  • Compatible with all Hensel EH modifiers
  • Includes clear glass dome to protect flashtube and subjects

Pricing and Availability

Schönes Licht kits are in stock and ready to be shipped immediately. Here are the details.

Hensel lighting solutions

Note: As the Schönes Licht Kit cost less the $1,000 it cannot be combined with the currently running Ever-Ready Kit Promotion.

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